wisdom trees

The Wisdom of Trees: A Spiritualist Perspective

wisdom trees

This article was written by one of EYLIZA’s content writers, who wanted to share her spiritualist perspective on The Wisdom of Trees.

We believe that the wisdom of trees spans further than what any of us humans could possibly comprehend. They’ve lived on this earth far longer than us, and have seen much more than we have. They contain a high vibrational energy, that provides both physical and mental benefits to not only humans: but plants, insects, and animals.

The wisdom of trees composes elements of spiritual essence, holistic healing, and other-worldly intelligence. Trees provide natural healing properties and play an important role as a magnificent life force that intertwines into our planet. To experience a tree’s wisdom: spirituality practises can assist you in connecting deeper to their level and embrace their loving vibration.

Both religious and spiritualists believe that certain trees provide different healing solutions. They can symbolize many different things – such as new beginnings, growth, or even eternal power. We encourage you to continue reading our spiritual perspective on the wisdom of trees and embrace this knowledge with an open mind.

Wisdom trees provide a range of healing properties

Healing properties are a wisdom trees natural gift: they tend to our spiritual well being and can serve us in multiple ways. Here are 4 ways that wisdom trees share their energy with us, humans:

1. Aid in mental clarity

A 2019 study concluded that trees were found to improve mental and general health for people living in urban areas. But from a spiritualist perspective, wisdom trees in all areas can provide this mental clarity – despite their location.

We believe that even a tree’s presence has a certain effect on us: whether we’re walking past it or simply looking at it. This is likely related to the same reason why many researchers conclude that walking through a forest improves your overall health. It’s almost like you can feel a change of energy as you approach or even touch it – but remember, this is coming from a spiritualist here.

2. Boost our energy and help us to feel happier

The life-long energy force that wisdom trees contain, certainly works wonders to boost our energy and assist us in becoming a happier, more positive person. Consider, for example, the feeling you get when sitting under a tree: the shade it provides or the “new perspective” you might receive when reading a book under it or sitting up against it. This same feeling is found in children, like their excitement when climbing a tree or playing under it.

We believe that the boost of energy we receive from trees, is one of the many magnificent gifts wisdom trees provide to us, humans on earth. Although we might not “physically” see their magic being shared with us, if you’re open-minded – you might just be able to feel it.

3. Encourage transformation within

Not only do wisdom trees transform their surroundings by providing oxygen, shade, or assisting their nearby environment – they can encourage change within us too. For example, when I had moved houses recently – I came from living in the heart of the city to a small community in the outer-suburbs. After living side-by-side to sky-rises, city lights, and moving cars – it felt like an uncomfortable switch to now be in the middle of forests and nearby streams.

Over time, I quickly realized a change was transforming in me. I recognized that being within nature, surrounded by trees as tall as my previous apartment building, and listening to the sounds of trickling water – this was a much more beneficial landscape. It didn’t take long for me to embrace this knowledge, and now I find myself walking in the forest and touching the trees at least once a day.

4. Provide natural grounding benefits

Have you ever heard of the grounding benefits of wisdom trees? Tree meditation is a very real thing and can provide clarity and grounding assistance when feeling lost or confused in your life. Standing next to, touching, or lying beside a tree can help you realign and center yourself whenever in a state of uncertainty.

Many times whenever I’m feeling too caught up in the stresses of the world or notice materialism re-appearing within my life, I like to take a moment to be with nature. That means bare feet on the grass, hugging a tree, or simply being near one with my hands up in the air.

If you’d like to learn how to do simple tree meditation poses, watch below:

12 Wisdom Trees Significant Meanings

Did you know that there are interpretations for different wisdom trees? In other words, certain trees symbolize or have specific meanings! Grab your pen and paper, and take note of these 12 different wisdom tree meanings: 

  1. Palm trees = peace and triumph.
  2. Redwood trees = Never-ending or eternal.
  3. Wisteria trees = Intimacy, romance, and love.
  4. Elm trees = wisdom and intuition. 
  5. Fir trees = perseverance, determination, and courage.
  6. Cherry trees = fortune and wealth. They can also signify tranquility and beauty.
  7. Maple trees = stability, flexibility, and versatility.
  8. Oak trees = resistance, solidity, confidence, and hope.
  9. Birch trees = cleanse, purification, or starting anew. 
  10. Baobab trees = longevity and presence. 
  11. Rainbow trees = hope and promise.
  12. Dragon trees = confrontation and fighting.

In Conclusion

Trees hold wisdom: they’re a source of ever-growing life. A tree is far more than just a tall plant – they’re a unique vibration, pulsating both oxygen and healing into the world. When connecting with wisdom trees, you’re connecting to this eternal vibration – something much higher than most of us. For those who have experienced a spiritual awakening, engaging in this all-eternal life force comes naturally. If you’d like to connect with the wonders of the universe too – just take a look around you and open your heart to the energies everything holds. You’d be surprised at what you might find.


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