Why your Fear of Loneliness is a Very Powerful Thing

Why your Fear of Loneliness is a Very Powerful Thing

Why your Fear of Loneliness is a Very Powerful Thing

Have you ever thought to yourself why your fear of loneliness is a very powerful thing? Probably not. Because most people associate loneliness and being alone as negative things, but if you open yourself up to changing your perception- you’ll begin to realize the true essence behind such a fear.

Your fear of loneliness is a very powerful thing because it triggers certain feelings, emotions, or memories that you might not otherwise think are affecting you until you’re alone. It brings awareness to such knowledge and presents to you the opportunity for a better understanding of yourself. 

As you practice techniques to understand your fear of loneliness, the answers hidden beneath might surprise you. The more you implement these strategies and become better aware- you could notice a shift in beliefs or identity. Continue reading to learn more about why your fear of loneliness is a very powerful thing, and how you can honor yourself better.

What Does Understanding The Fear of Loneliness Teach Us?


Every human has fears. They’re different from each person and significantly varies in intensity. As an emotion, most fears propel the imagination. And with the fear of loneliness, we experience uncomfortable or painful emotions related to such. 

Understanding the cause/s of the fear of loneliness teaches us that we have an unfathomable ability to perceive reality in a much different way than most- therefore, changing our perception or ridding the fear entirely.

It can bring additional knowledge to light, such as:

  • Past experience that caused this fear;
  • Painful memories that influenced this fear;
  • Detrimental or unproductive thoughts that contributed to this fear;
  • And outdated beliefs or other things that relate to this fear.

Techniques to Understand Your Fear of Loneliness


Practicing self-awareness contributes to the healing or understanding of your fear of loneliness – which in return can make this journey a very powerful one. Find below techniques to help you understand your fear of loneliness:

Seek Spiritual Wisdom

Many people believe that only someone else can help you understand your problems- and although this can be true, it’s not always the case. By seeking spiritual wisdom, you can first help yourself identify the issue (-because only YOU truly know yourself) before seeking alternative solutions.

Find below the Top 5 Books We Recommend to help you understand yourself better and your fears:

  1. The Power is Within You – Louise L. Hay
  2. Moving Through Fear – Jeff Golliher
  3. Fear – Thich Nhat Hanh 
  4. Understand Yourself – Mark L. Prophet
  5. Alchemy 365 – Brenda Lightfeather Marroy

Try a Shadow Work Exercise 


Shadow work is another form of self-examination. The purpose of shadow work is to bring light to subconscious or conscious “skeletons” you might have. If you want to understand why your fear of loneliness is a very powerful thing, exercising shadow work will provide you an extreme awareness of yourself.

Watch Suzanne Heyn’s YouTube video on a Shadow Work Exercise below:

Talk To Someone – Seek Alternative Help

If you’re finding it hard to implement techniques that promote self-awareness, seeking alternative help might kick-start you in action! Speaking to a trained therapist, loved one, or counselor are great options for you to physically voice what’s on your mind and holding you back.

Meditate on It


Guided meditations are significant when first starting a self-awareness journey, as it provides you the space to be with your thoughts. When understanding why you fear loneliness, meditating can help you feel or visualize a glimpse of the answer behind it

Listen to a Guided Meditation for access to The Freedom From Fear below: 

Write it Out

When dealing with the unknown, some people might find it hard to talk to someone or “visualize” their problems through mediation or other similar practices. If you relate to such difficulties, try writing out why you think you fear loneliness. List any feelings, emotions, or triggers that might relate to your fear- while remembering to be completely honest with yourself.

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