When to announce pregnancy

When to Safely Announce Your Pregnancy?

When to announce pregnancy
When to announce pregnancy?

So you’ve found that you’re pregnant, and now you want to know when to announce your pregnancy? Well, the good news is – you can announce your pregnancy whenever you feel is right! The bad news is, there are many things you should consider beforehand. In this article, we’ll explain why some mothers choose to wait to announce their pregnancy:

Things to Consider Before Announcing Pregnancy

Before we begin, we must say congratulations! Now, choosing when to announce your pregnancy can seem like the biggest dilemma of the modern age. But one thing you must keep in mind is the risks that come in the first trimester. More often than not, expecting mothers, especially those who have suffered a miscarriage will choose to wait to announce their pregnancy. 

Here are three factors that come to mind when understanding why mothers choose to delay announcing:

Consider the likelihood of miscarriage.


The first is, as we mentioned above, the commonality of early miscarriage. For those who haven’t experienced motherhood or miscarriage, the first trimester is the most uncertain period of pregnancy. This is because many early complications can arise with the fetus. Early miscarriage is fairly common, and the chances decrease from the second trimester onwards.


The second reason is anxiety. With the first reason in mind, anxiety will play a significant role in the delay of announcing a pregnancy. Anxiety can stem from previous trauma, fear about miscarriage, or anxiety about what others will think – if something bad happens. 

Things might not be perfect.

Early scans can help diagnose if something is wrong with the baby, but with this in mind, things might not always be perfect. Depending on your gene, and the father’s gene, delaying the announcement of a pregnancy is common until parents know that their baby is healthy.

There is no wrong time to announce a pregnancy.


In reality, there really is no wrong time for you to announce your pregnancy. Whenever you feel it is the right time for you: that is an indication that you’re ready to share this delightful news with others.

Here are some ideas which you can announce that you’re expecting:

  1. Have a photoshoot
  2. Create a home-movie
  3. Make a game out of it, with your friends and family
  4. Reveal baby clothing 
  5. Send invitations out
  6. Write out your feelings and share them with others
  7. Make a gift box
  8. Create a banner and hang it where everyone will see
  9. Plan a surprise lunch/dinner
  10. Have a dress-up party

Don’t let fear prevent you from feeling happy.

Pregnancy is a magnificent gift: it’s a time to be celebrated, and preventing to share such information with your friends and family can seem intolerably painful. Keeping in mind what was mentioned above, don’t let fear stop you from feeling happy and experiencing this joyous time.

Keep up your self-care routine, maintain a positive frame of mind, and brace yourself for whatever happens. But don’t let fear dictate your happiness. If happiness means sharing your pregnancy announcement immediately, then do it! Without regret and without fear.


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