What does 420 friendly mean

15 Millennials Hilariously Explain What 420 Friendly Means

What does 420 friendly mean

Ahhh yes – marijuana, the good old’ M-J, aka weed. How did weed suddenly be called 420 anyway? And what does 420 friendly mean? So many questions: we knew millennials would be able to explain this answer to us! Now when I was in high school, nobody would wonder “what does 420 friendly mean” because it was already a popular term. So if you used 420, it meant you probably smoked weed or knew someone who did.

None of the millennials asked to share their interpretation on the meaning of 420 friendly were screened beforehand. But they were all happy to share their explanation – and shed light on this topic. In all honesty, I wasn’t surprised by their answers. When I think about what does 420 friendly mean, I’d use the same explanation as what these millennials said:


“420 friendly is just another way to say that you’re open-minded to the use of weed. It’s like the international phrase to let people know that you’re a cool person and support the use of weed!”


“It means you’re a pot-head.”


“You are a pro-person towards marijuana. You are conscious of its positive and negative sides, and the opinion people might have – but you’re interested in the medical applications of it. Was that going too deep?”


“You’re able to be friendly with anybody about the subject of weed – whether it be controversial or not.”`


“Don’t ask me what 420 friendly means. I thought everybody knew the meaning! It means you’re a pro-weed supporter, like me. Did you know some cafes in Canada are 420 friendly? Damn cool huh. ”


“One day when boredom struck, this group of indies on my college campus started explaining to me (an innocent religious girl) what that meant. Of course, there was a back-story to this interaction, which I’ll keep short for the purpose of the article. Anyway, later on, that year, I joined that indie-group and became the definition of being “420 friendly.”


“I’m guessing it means you do weed. I don’t know, I just hear that from music – like snoop dog and other rappers.”


“You’re the inspiration this world needs more of.”


“If you say that phrase an everyday basis, you’re probably a child trying to impress your friends at school. But on a serious note, people who are 420 friendly are some of the best people around.”


“You either smoke weed, eat weed, or don’t judge others for using weed.”


“It’s like the saying you use to let others know that you have weed. Or, you can say something like hey guys, let’s keep it 420 up in here – especially when there’s an argument going down about who stole whose lighter.”


“How does that song go? I’m a stoner, I’m a stoner, I’m a stoner.” – Young Thug


“You listen to hip-hop music, you write in marijuana forums, and you hide a bong under your bed.”


“It’s a code word. If you don’t know what 420 friendly means, you probably shouldn’t be asking.”


“I’m just speaking from what I’ve heard my friends say – but if you’re 420 friendly, you enjoy smoking marijuana and are open to sharing the benefits with others.” 


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