what are affirmations

What Are Affirmations?

what are affirmations
“Something good comes out of everything.”

Affirmations are indefinite words that you repeat for the primary purpose of uplifting yourself. Depending on your aim, affirmations work through repetition and internal belief. The more consistent and truthful you are with your affirmations – the deeper you’ll feel work start to ruminate. Here, we explain what we think you might want to know about affirmations, including both the good and the ugly:

Affirmations have a powerful effect

We believe that the words you speak and the thoughts you think have significant power over you. This is why affirmations can be just as powerful. As Louise Hay once said: “Every thought we think is creating our future.”

Take, for example, the repeating words of “I’m not good enough.” If you say those words long enough and consistent enough- you’ll believe it. This includes anything negative or contradicting what you tell yourself or what you think about others.

Affirmations are unquestionably powerful because:

  • It releases boundaries you put on yourself
  • Lets go of negative thinking
  • Can provide you comfort
  • Tends to your spiritual well being
  • Releases fear and anxiety
  • Changes your mindset and perspective
  • Has no limitations
  • Rewires your thought patterns

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Affirmations are useful in every aspect of life


As an empath, I need to practice positive affirmations – to remain grounded and happy within myself. This remains relevant for a lot of people, however. And can be used in every aspect of life.

Many people use affirmations for:

As mentioned above, the primary reason why someone will use affirmations is for an uplifting purpose. When I began using affirmations, it was to assist in developing my self-love. Over time, the list of reasons became longer – and I fell in awe with the power which affirmations started to show up in my life.

The power of affirmations become apparent when negative thinking arises. As I practice holistic healing techniques, such as meditation and presence – the moment negative thoughts appear to me, I know it’s time for affirmations again.

Before engaging in affirmations, I was completely unaware of the thoughts going through my head. With the help of meditation too, affirmations provided me an awareness of what I’m thinking and my emotional reaction to it.

It can take a while to embrace affirmations


I’d be lying if I said affirmations are easy peasy. And I’d be a sinner if I said it takes a short time to feel a difference. Affirmations will take a moment to embrace. As I reflect, there are three reasons why this is:

1. You won’t believe everything you say (at least not immediately)

Take as an example; expanding self-love through affirmations. If you are already aware that your self-love tank is low, you probably won’t believe the words “I love everything about myself” right off the bat. So the longer you’ve not told yourself these words, the more time you should allow yourself to embrace them.

2. Pushing your boundaries comes with time

Like anything that challenges your state of mind, affirmations should be considered just that. When you speak, feel, and think your affirmations – you’re pushing through boundaries that you don’t often tell yourself. With this comes ego. And with ego comes embarrassment, self-judgment, and thoughts of “these are silly, it doesn’t even work”. Try not to be too hard on yourself when you first start. Consider affirmations a daily task with no limits.

3. Negative thoughts can still arise

Something that I never foresaw as a set-back was my ingrained negative thoughts. And the more you practice positive affirmations, the more apparent these thoughts become. If you notice these thoughts on a bad day or at the wrong time, this might make you feel low.

It might make you question whether they work and might even put you off saying them for a while. With this in mind – it’s important to continue. Here’s a quote I like to remember when I feel down – “You’ve thought negative thoughts for so long and you believe them. So why not think positive thoughts and trust that you’ll believe them instead.”

Examples of affirmations

Here are some affirmations you might consider using, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. We’ve listed different affirmation examples across specific categories, which are self-development, love, and purpose.


  • “I am ready for any challenges I might face in life.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how long I must wait, so long as I continue.”
  • “I’m grateful to be where I am right now and am ready for what else is to come.”
  • “What I experience in life brings me lessons: I am grateful.”
  • “I dare to strive forward each day.”
  • “Nothing frightens me.”
  • “The world is a good place.”
  • “I will not judge others. Nor myself.”
  • “Hatred has no place within me.”


  • “I’ve let go of past relationships to invite something new into my life.”
  • “I love myself completely. I would not change one thing, only to be a better person.”
  • “Love is within me. I am love.”
  • “I choose to see love everywhere I go.”
  • “Everyone has a right to love. And so do I.”
  • “I’m ready to receive all the love that enters my way. And I am ready to give all of my love.”
  • “My relationship is filled with magnificent love. I am grateful.”


  • “There is a purpose for my time here on earth.”
  • “I will continue contributing to society, with love and light in mind.”
  • “I’m excited to give back.”
  • “It’s ok not to know what life has in store for me. I’m grateful to experience it.”
  • “When things feel hard. I’m happy that I still have myself.”
  • “Nothing can shake me. I’m here for a reason.”

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