Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing: The Ultimate Guide on Sun-Gazing 101

Sun Gazing
Sun Gazing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Sun gazing is an inner-exercise that promotes happiness, essence, and all-rounded adequate well-being. The practice of sun gazing includes standing barefoot on the earth and gazing into the sun. As this occurs, you’re allowing the light and power of the sun’s rays to move through your body. Here, we’ll explain the many things involved in sun gazing.

What is Sun Gazing?

Sun gazing (also referred to as Sungazing) is a practice that involves staring into the light of the sun. Commonly seen as a spiritual or religious technique, sun gazing has many benefits that can work for just about anyone. The most appropriate time of day when sun gazing takes place is dusk and dawn.

Despite the numinous perspective around the topic: sun gazing has been around for centuries. In many cultures, societies, and ancient timelines, people looked to the sun and the sky for answers. Gazing at the sun was a necessity, as it “told” ancient navigators which direction to take – and provided them an awareness of the earth’s orbit (before new-age technology).

Nowadays, intentional sun gazing is an effective practice – primarily used to promote healing and rejuvenation of one’s soul. And as research suggests: with the right balance, sun gazing can work wonders for your emotional health, physical well-being, and spiritual essence too.

Why is Sun Gazing Important?

When done with intention, sun gazing provides subliminal healing properties that work to promote mind, body, soul wellness. At EYLIZA, spirituality is something we hold dear to us. And as an empath, spiritual exercises, such as sun gazing is imperative for me to function as a decent human being. Sun gazing is a holistic healing technique that can be used to raise your vibrations and encourage your spiritual essence to flow.  

For those who aren’t as spiritual-minded, however, sun gazing also provides logical importance. Being captivated by the light of the sun, and exposing yourself to the power it has, can help you feel motivated and become a happier, more positive person. Sun gazing also helps your body produce Vitamin D when exposed to its light for a suitable amount of time. The production of Vitamin D in your body is good because it helps strengthen your bones, maintain calcium, and aid your immune system.

Essential Concepts of Sun Gazing


Before we jump to sun gazing benefits, we first want to explain some essential concepts of it:

To receive spiritual healing: be intentional with your sun gazing. And what we mean by that is having the idea that sun gazing will help to provide you exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it be a boost of energy, a positive frame of mind, or just some good old Vitamin D.

One must be mindful of the health risks associated with prolonged sun exposure. For children, supposedly anything longer than one day in direct sunlight can cause damage to the skin and the eyes. This is relevant for adults too, which is why sun gazing should be done in balance.

The history of the sun is intertwined with the exercise of sun gazing. In other words, there are numerous ancient legends about the sun – specifically that the sun is the gatekeeper of life and light. Sungazing exercises follow this tradition. As well as the people who participate.

You don’t need to be spiritual or religious to appreciate sun gazing. Although this article focuses heavily on the spiritual aspects of sun gazing, that doesn’t imply you can reap the same rewards. Appreciation for the sun is all that needs to be of concern if you don’t intend to practice sun gazing for anything but a bit of needless fun!

Sun Gazing Benefits

Sun Gazing
Sun Gazing Benefits

The sun plays an important role – not just for the universe, but for ourselves and our existence. We’ve described all of the amazing sun gazing benefits that could be the sign you’ve been waiting for:

Produces our “happy hormones”

Happy hormones are the hormones that promote positive feelings. These happy hormones include Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. When we are sun gazing, the power of the rays produces these feel-good hormones within our body – thus making us feel positive!

Have you ever noticed when it’s been raining for weeks on end, and then you suddenly feel happy and energized once you sight the sun peeking through? Sungazing can change your mood and help you feel content, loving, pleasurable, and joyful.

Promotes spiritual healing


For those who have experienced a spiritual awakening, spiritual healing techniques are something we cherish. Sun gazing is a holistic practice that successfully promotes spiritual healing because it works to clear dense energy and bring light to our essence. The connection between spirituality (or religion) and the sun captivates many people to actively practice sun gazing. Other reasons sun gazing promotes spiritual healing includes:

Brings us closer to our essence

When soul-searching is prominent in your life, sun gazing can help bring you closer to yourself. Envision the light from the sun entering your body to highlight your true essence and encourage you along your journey.

Encourages presence


The simple act of sun gazing will help build your ability of presence. This is done in a way where your focus will be on a certain aspect of yourself. Much like the practise of meditation. As you practice this more, you’ll naturally be utilizing the art of self-reflection and presence in return.

Nurtures our well-being

Apart from the physical benefits, your spiritual well being will benefit too. IT is a common exercise that many people implement into their self-care routine. Because of it’s nurturing benefits. Sun gazing nurtures your well being by allowing you to experience happiness, propensity, and good quality of life. So for those who are looking 

Reduces stress and anxiety


Whenever you’re feeling stressed about the day just done- a dose of sun gazing should do the trick. The ethereal light that the sun produces can help you destress and feel less anxious through its natural healing powers. So whether you’re freeing your mind from mom guilt or just need a break from your reluctant boss – we encourage you to try it!

Serves as a cool pastime

Apart from the wonderful benefits associated with sun gazing, it can also just be a great pastime. I mean, if someone told me “I like to sun gaze and reflect on myself during my spare time” – I sure as heck would be impressed!

Helps you feel motivated


Helen Keller’s quote “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows” can be used quite literally with sun gazing. If you’re choosing change, sun gazing will naturally provide you any motivation needed.

How to Begin Sun Gazing

Although there’s no specific rule-book as to how to sun gaze. We’ve compiled 5 primitive steps you can use to focus on when you’re learning how to start sun gazing. Here, we’ll explain these steps in detail:

1. Prepare your mind, body, and soul

Prior to stepping outside and staring contently at the sun, I want you to do some necessary preparation beforehand. Prepare your mind, body, and soul. Start with your mind by setting the intention. Ask yourself questions such as “why am I doing this?”, “what do I expect from this?”, “are these expectations viable, or will they require presence and effort?”. Asking these questions allows your thoughts to ruminate. You can then go into practice with an open mind and a more joyful experience. 

Next, prepare your body as necessary. Drinking a glass of water can raise your spiritual vibration. This can also mean to prepare the area your body will be utilizing. Grabbing a cushion or wearing comfortable clothing are some ideas.

Lastly, you should prepare your soul – your spiritual essence. There are many ways you can do this, but for those who aren’t as spiritually-savvy – here are a few examples:

  • Practice affirmations
  • Meditate or pray
  • Ask the powers of the universe to step forward in assistance
  • Try being alone and avoid distractions 
  • If possible, be in nature beforehand

2. Stand barefoot on the ground 


A common grounding technique used to embrace the powers of the earth is to place your feet directly onto mother-nature (in this instance, the ground). When it’s time to begin sun gazing, we encourage you to do this, if possible. Stand barefoot on the ground, and breathe in as deeply as possible. Taking a deep breath inwards can encourage your heart to slow down and begin the practice.

3. Now look at the sun

Slowly raise your eyes to the sun, with the most appropriate time of day being sunrise or sunset. Look directly into the sunlight – starting with no more than 20 seconds (if possible). Over time, the length you choose to stare can increase by 10 seconds. As a safety net, increasing your time fortnightly would be appropriate. Once you reach 9 months of consistent sun gazing, you should feel the full effects it has to offer – and the time you spend can increase to no more than 45 minutes, according to HRM.

4. Notice the changes within you

The longer you practice sun gazing, the more you’ll start to notice small changes happening within you. Anything from a shift in positive energy, a spiritual “lightening” of the body, or maybe a bit of everything. Notice these changes and compare them to how you felt before engaging in such practice.

Don’t resist or avoid allowing your ego to convince you that these changes are invalid. The worst thing one can do is implement spiritual change, such as sun gazing and self-sabotage by questioning whether or not it’s working.

5. Don’t stop there – implement further

Whether you choose to carry on sun gazing or stop at the 3-month mark – don’t stop there. Many other spiritual exercises are using the sun and nature that you could implement into your life. Finding balance, sitting under the sun is a wonderful way to soak up its powers. Other things involving nature include going on walks and using the wisdom of trees to provide you “life” or “guidance”.

Is Sun Gazing Safe?


Sun gazing is safe when you practice it during the safe-hours. Safe-hours include 45 minutes before sunrise and 45 minutes before sunset. Unfortunately, these safe-hours look different for everyone around the world – so a good way to remember it is before sunrise and sunset. Anyone who practices sun gazing in direct sunlight will suffer severe consequences, and we DO NOT CONDONE practicing during these timeframes. 

Another reason that can cause unsafe sun gazing is when you stare for prolonged periods. As mentioned in this article, the recommended time which one can safely sun gaze, according to HRM is no more than 45 minutes. 

Editor’s note: To prevent damage to your skin, eyes, and any other area on your body – please practice sun gazing with care, following guidance, and starting slowly.


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