Starting a New Relationship

Starting a New Relationship

Starting a New Relationship

The emotions you feel when you’re thinking about starting a new relationship can vary from anxiety, confusion, or utter excitement. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to double-check whether starting a new relationship is the “right” move for you to take- given your circumstances.

When starting a new relationship; You should already have spent some alone time, understanding what you want in your next relationship and how you can positively contribute to such a connection. Ideally, you will be healed from previous relationships- and you’re both physically, mentally, and spiritually ready to walk into this new beginning with confidence and trust.

People who start new connections without leaving time to heal themselves first are doing both themselves a disservice and the other party. You must understand that starting a new relationship is much more than a temporary void that is about to be filled within you. It is a gateway to a new beginning, and chapter in your life. So doing the preparation beforehand is ideal!

7 Things to Do Before Starting a New Relationship

Find below seven different things you can implement into your life before branching out and starting a new relationship:

1. Heal Past Relationship Baggage

It’s important when starting a new relationship that you heal past relationship baggage. Many people (subconsciously) bring previous hurt and animosity into their relationships. Not only does this cause future conflict, disguised as “new relationship problems,” but keeps you in a state repeating old cycles.

Spending time feeling and working through any anger, hurt, or confusion you have regarding previous relationships can better your chances when starting and maintaining a new relationship.

Healing past relationship baggage allows you to let go of any old patterns you may have developed, and help you remain optimistic for your future relationship.

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2. Spend Time With Yourself


Why are people so afraid to be with themselves for a while? Do they fear loneliness? Are they caught up in the cycle of attachment? Or are they afraid to be with their own thoughts and feelings?

Spend time with yourself, not only for the purpose of starting a new relationship but so you can clearly understand yourself better.

You’re helping yourself and your future relationships by spending time acknowledging your emotions and feelings. Regaining your self-love bucket, confidence, and respect for yourself- ultimately allows those feelings to manifest into your relationship.

3. Be Clear In What You Want

Before jumping into a new relationship, you should have spent some time being clear in what you want out of it. Looking at previous relationship experience, personal desires, and belief around love- being clear in what you want can help you maintain a loving relationship.

4. Understand What You’re Capable of Giving


It would help if you always remained clear when understanding what you’re capable of giving to a relationship. This can avoid confusion, sadness, or unnecessary guilt if you find yourself arguing with your future partner.

Love can create blurry spots in our vision sometimes. Being transparent in what you’re willing to bring to the table can help you articulate such standards with your partner and remain true to your soul

5. Go Slow (Don’t Rush)

If you tend to rush, move too quickly, or can’t say no to quick the progression of past relationships- this is your sign to go slower this time around

There’s nothing wrong with going slow in a relationship, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to. 

You’ll be with this person for a very long-time (ideally); thus, you don’t need to put a timeframe on where you should be in a relationship.


6. Set Firm Boundaries

Before starting a new relationship, setting firm boundaries is a great way to ensure a healthy life-long bond with your partner. You never want to be treated with anything less than what you believe you deserve, and the same applies to your future partner.

Setting firm boundaries; regarding what is and isn’t ok in a relationship, things you love, what you’re willing to learn, and what you’re working on not only helps you understand one another better- but sets yourself up for a stable connection.

7. Remain Optimistic

Remaining optimistic helps you remain present, understanding, and forgiving when starting a new relationship. One little “mistake” or “miscommunication” can trigger you to pack your bags in and walk out of the door.

Don’t be this person. Do not shut yourself off immediately. 

Try to have an optimistic frame of mind and keep yourself open to anything that may happen in your future relationship.


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