how to care for your spiritual well being

How to Care for Your Spiritual Well Being

how to care for your spiritual well being

A healthy spiritual well being can feel empowering, loving, and positive. Those who choose to nurture their spirituality will feel the effects it has on them–through their actions, their view on the world, and life experiences. It’s important to know how to care for your spiritual well being so you can feel this too.

You can care for your spiritual well being by observing your thoughts, being present, acknowledging your truths, and engaging in spiritual practices. The more consistent you are, the healthier you’ll feel–providing you the energy to strive forward.

Maintaining your spiritual wellness isn’t hard, nor does it require strenuous activities. It does require you to re-wire certain thought patterns, however, as many of us haven’t grown up embracing such essence. As you embrace this journey- take things slowly, be kind to yourself, and continue.

What is Spiritual Well Being


Spiritual well being (or spiritual wellness) is a truth that you come from a powerful essence, much greater than yourself. This essence is filled with the highest love and light and assists your soul as you participate here in life.

Various factors make up your spiritual well being, such as:

  • Your thoughts
  • The words you speak
  • Actions you take
  • What you provide to society or the world
  • How you care for yourself

Caring for Your Spiritual Well Being

There are many things you can do to care for your spiritual well being, but for this article– we’ve compiled a few to help you along this journey. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading below.

Positive Affirmations


Positive affirmations improve your spiritual well being significantly. It helps to release emotions inside of you; like fear, anger, or doubt. Practicing positive affirmations can also empower you, and help to uplift and inspire you!

The truth is, our words have power. That includes our thoughts, and every negative thought we think– subconsciously affects us, someway or another. The more you engage in positive affirmations, the better care you’ll provide for your spiritual well being.

Practicing Spiritual Awareness

Another helpful way to care for your spiritual well being is through the practice of spiritual awareness. Practicing spiritual awareness will slowly raise your vibration, and the more you learn and practice– the faster you’ll feel a difference.

Although there’s no end goal to spiritual consciousness, practicing spiritual awareness can maintain this essence and help to keep you grounded in it.


Here are some ways you can practice spiritual awareness:

  • Meditating
  • Listening to spiritual podcasts
  • Reading spirituality books
  • Opening your mind to love
  • Practicing and affirming love and forgiveness
  • Letting go of things that don’t serve you
  • Being aware of everything without judgment

Being Present

Presence is extremely important when learning how to care for your spiritual well being as it allows you to “see” life clearer. Through the act of presence, you’ll be able to acknowledge truths within yourself and others.

When you can acknowledge your truths, view situations and experiences without judgment, and live in the NOW– your spiritual well being will flourish. And only when you are present, is when change begins to happen.

Why Spiritual Well Being is Important


Maintaining good spiritual well being is important for your health, as it plays an integral role in your overall essence. This will allow you to think clearer, heal faster, accept love, and assist you further in your journey. Spiritual wellness provides balance; it’ll go hand-in-hand with your purpose in life, and provide solace when overcoming life’s many challenges and obstacles.

How to Be More Spiritual

For those who have awakened, spirituality practices require consciousness in order to maintain an active essence. If you’ve only recently experienced an awakening, however, it might be worthwhile seeking a spiritual awakening guidance session to assist you in this journey. 

Although there’s no guideline to spirituality, you can follow some basic methods or choose to implement them if you’d like to feel an improvement:

  • Seek guidance from evolved teaches
  • Allow room for growth
  • Maintain your spiritual well being
  • Live in gratitude, love, and kindness
  • Forgive and let go
  • Practice spirituality daily
  • Avoid negative triggers (social media, self-doubt, relationships, etc)
  • Acknowledge your emotions, both positive and negative
  • Look back each fortnight to evaluate your progress
  • Remain optimistic
  • Engage in calming activities (meditation, journaling, singing)

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