Spiritual Awakening Session

Spiritual Awakening Session: The Ultimate Guide

Spiritual Awakening Session

A spiritual awakening session is an opportunity to explore your spirituality and discuss different steps to raise your vibration. Before you can comprehend the methods shared in your session, you have to be open and completely willing to understand a diverse way of learning. Based on your spiritual progress will determine the direction of the session. Here, we’ll explain the many steps involved in a spiritual awakening session.

What is a Spiritual Awakening Session?

A spiritual awakening session (or spiritual counselling) is an alternative to traditional therapy but specializes in assisting those who have recently experienced a spiritual awakening. When we use the term spiritual awakening, this can also be referred to as enlightenment or a total shift in consciousness – which we describe as an ongoing process that occurs when one experiences a change of perception or reality. 

Many cultures, religions, and groups of spiritual people believe that humans are born with this godly essence or all-known knowledge, but become reshaped from when we are small children. As a result, we adapt to society – and for those lucky enough to have a spiritual awakening, is only then when we can rebuild what was lost and find our true selves again.

Spiritual awakening sessions serve to guide, inspire, and assist individuals as they undergo this process or transcendence. For instance, a spiritual awakening can impact some people’s physical senses, mental state, and spiritual well being – therefore allowing the mentor of the spiritual awakening session to comfort and encourage the individual to prevail using spiritual techniques/methods.

Most people will seek a spiritual awakening session to help them find their way with this new-found knowledge. Others would like support, encouragement, or one-on-one chats with someone who has experienced an awakening to guide them in what is yet to come.

A spiritual awakening session changes directions for each individual, this is because everybody is at their own stage of enlightenment. Different spiritual methods, tools, and ideas will resonate at different levels for everybody. This is why a spiritual awakening session works best for someone who has already experienced their awakening.

Essential Concepts of a Spiritual Awakening Session

Before we jump to the spiritual awakening session process, we’ll quickly explain some essential concepts of it:

Holistic healing uses an alternative approach to traditional medicines, which is almost always incorporated into a spiritual awakening session. Various techniques might be recommended to you, depending on your circumstances or the nature of your healing.

A willingness to participate is warranted, as the raising of vibrations is not a job that someone else can solely fulfil for you. Mentors work as healers, to assist you in overcoming obstacles and becoming a happier, more positive person, but you’ll also need to insert effort to feel an effect.

Maintaining a well-balanced self-care routine can help you remain grounded and motivated when experiencing your spiritual awakening, therefore helping you be present during your session. Being present will ultimately allow you to think clearer and be open to suggestions.

There’s no “end-goal” once you’ve spiritually awoken. You can set spiritual milestones you’d like to accomplish, but there’s no finish line – it’s forever evolving growth. A spiritual awakening session provides you the fundamental tools to begin and continue living spiritually, amongst the obstacles you’ll face throughout life.

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Spiritual Awakening Session Process

Each mentor that provides a spiritual awakening session will follow a different process. This is because there’s not a “one-size fits all” scheme to go by. We believe there are 9 crucial factors that determine the process of a spiritual awakening session. Here, we’ll guide you through this process step-by-step and give you practical tips on what to expect:

1. What led to your spiritual awakening

Before your mentor can provide any support, he/she must understand what caused your spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why an awakening may happen. To prepare for this, ask yourself questions like: What events occurred before or during my awakening? What emotions was I feeling during that time? And how do those events and emotions relate to my journey in life?

Take your time when reflecting on such questions, as it’s common for us to miss the “signs” during those difficult moments. After some deep reflection, think about a detailed answer you might provide to your mentor, to help them gain a sense of awareness – without cutting into too much time.

When your mentor learns about what led to your spiritual awakening, they’ll be able to understand more about you through the way you describe events and relate to the circumstances. But don’t worry too much about the mentor, just know that this will help them on this journey and supports them to provide you a deeper perspective on how to continue your journey.

2. How do you currently relate to spirituality

The way you currently relate to the idea of spiritual concepts is a major factor in your spiritual awakening process. This is because everyone has unique ideas and a story they tell themselves, meaning some suggestions provided by your mentor might be too far out of reach for you at your current stage.

As an example, perhaps you’ve spiritually awoken but you don’t have much interest in learning about spirituality, with only an exception for the topic of spiritual awakenings? For the mentor, this can help direct your spiritual awakening session in a way that’ll accommodate your current mind-set – but still be helpful in your development.

Another thing to remember is that everyone has free will. And by understanding how you currently relate to spirituality will ensure that the mentor doesn’t give you any overwhelming techniques to practice that remain of no interest to you at present.

Also when we refer to “relate,” we mean how you connect or involve yourself with spiritual concepts.

3. Understanding your intentions 

It’s a good idea to discuss expectations or any specific intentions of a spiritual awakening session – for both you and the mentor. Otherwise, you might shock yourself when the scenario created in your head doesn’t play out how you imagined it to.

If you have concrete ideas about spirituality or what happens during a spiritual awakening, this is a good indicator to let your mentor know now. And remember to remain open to what they think of these ideas. As sometimes, our past or upbringing can subconsciously distort seeing an alternative perspective.

4. Story-telling of experiences

Throughout your session, story-telling and sharing of experiences will play an important part in feeling any difference. Apart from the therapeutic factors that can provide benefit, when you’re able to converse openly about your spirituality – is when you’ll be creating a subtle change within.

Things you might speak on can range from person to person, and session to session. Most people aren’t always willing to share everything the first time talking to someone, which means sharing the most significant things is a great starting point.

Feel free to use this opportunity to explore ideas and concepts which might be pushing your internal boundaries. A spiritual awakening session doesn’t always involve sticking to one topic. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions or share stories that have been kept inside of you but are awaiting a release, regardless if it reflects the topic of spiritual awakening. Because at its core, a spiritual awakening assists the evolving evolution of you!

5. Setting spiritual goals 

You’ll want to set small, spiritual goals to keep you focused and motivated during (and after) your spiritual awakening session. Keeping the goals open to flexibility will help prevent discouragement, and are easy to look forward to.

When setting spiritual goals; ask your mentor for ideas that relate to any issues you’ve struggled to overcome or have a particular interest in accomplishing. For example, overcoming your fear of loneliness or educating yourself about the benefits of mediation are great milestones.

As you set spiritual goals, you’ll find a relation to spiritual techniques that can expand across multiple aspects of your life – and through each achievement, you’ll understand the multiversal effects your spiritual awakening session can provide you.

The best method for setting spiritual goals is by brainstorming and evaluating what spiritual desires are relevant to you in the present. This can be done through mediation, journaling, or simple trial and error.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong to your personal goals. And there are no boundaries but what you choose to set for yourself.

6. Sharing Spiritual Techniques

Whether you choose to use spiritual techniques or not, they can be extremely diverse across all aspects of your life – serving as fundamental life tools. During your spiritual awakening session, your mentor will provide you a range of spiritual techniques to help you along your journey.

Each technique, idea, or concept shared with you will be respective to your goals and your relation to spirituality. 

There are various methods that can serve you, and numerous teachers who have shared knowledge to provide everyone of all personalities assistance. Examples of spiritual techniques include:

There are numerous other approaches one can take to engage in spiritual techniques, all of which can be shared during your session.

7. Implement strategies in everyday life

When your spiritual awakening session has ended for the day, that doesn’t mean you need to give up everything you’ve learned. In fact, this is a wonderful opportunity to explore what you’ve experienced during your session and implement those strategies in everyday life.

Each person will be affected by their spiritual awakening session to certain extents, but hopefully, you’re left feeling inspired or motivated to take action. Although you might not physically see change appearing, you can prepare to allow emotional change to enter your life. You can do this by remaining open and optimistic.

A spiritual awakening doesn’t happen to everyone. And if it does, most people don’t recognize the signs – leaving it to disintegrate with no action being taken. Thankfully, if you make a conscious effort to implement these strategies into your everyday life – you’ll reap the benefits spirituality has to offer.

Implementing spiritual techniques can also help you relate to your spiritual awakening session with greater appreciation. A spiritual awakening session doesn’t just focus on achieving greatness in one aspect of your life, although it might be what you’re seeking at the time. The things you learn and share throughout this journey provide the greatest blessings, with thanks to the action you’ve taken.

8. Be open to suggestion

Apart from the advice you might receive related to your spiritual awakening journey, being open to suggestions about things you can do or change in your life will also provide you a deeper perspective. Although some things might be triggering or unusual to hear, the great thing about an awakening session is it’s a safe space with the freedom to explore your limits.

By “suggestion” we reflect the use of this term to be anything from cutting back on alcohol or illicit drugs, limiting your social media intake, being conscious of how you perceive others and the world, or even addressing the trauma that is negatively influencing your life.

Of course, what you choose to do with such suggestions is up to you. You have the free will to consider what has been said or let it pass by you. But being open to all things can help you along that process.

9. Take your time

Although “taking your time” can sound contradicting to some, it truly is an essential tip to remember. For some people after spiritually awakening, they’re eager to heal everything that has prevented them from living. Because remember, a spiritual awakening session provides focus on more than just one topic.

With this knowledge, people often race to heal their shadow alongside everything else that has accompanied a negative reaction within them. And although this desire is helpful and should be embraced, it’s important to remember that spiritual healing takes time. This can be reminded through presence, gratitude, and regular reflection.

Tips to Live a Spiritual Life after a Spiritual Awakening Session

The maintenance of a spiritual life is both easy and difficult, depending on your willingness and inner-belief system. For those who choose to learn and dedicate themselves to transcending to a higher vibration, will not come with great obstacles. Here we’ll share some tips that are proven to work!

Remain Open to Different Spiritual Knowledge

Remember to keep yourself open to various spiritual knowledge that you might come across. Indulge in exploring your spiritual-self, learn from spiritual teachers, and question everything with compassion.

Be Kind to Yourself During this Forever Process

It can be easy to get lost in the negatives once spiritual awoken. Through kindness towards yourself and others, you’ll carry on along this process without judgment– which is needed in order to proceed. And try not to worry about what others have to say or think about your spirituality.

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Accept The Present, But Continue Striving Forward

If you can remember to accept yourself in this present moment, you’ll be inviting this spiritual energy to move through you and guide you in life— even without realizing it. Avoid prevention through overthinking. Instead, dedicate yourself to striving forward regardless of life’s circumstances.

Entwine Spirituality into Your Being

You can maintain a spiritual life by consciously making an effort to entwine spirituality into your soul. You can do this through spiritual techniques such as mediation, affirmations, or keeping an interest in spiritual development.

How a Spiritual Awakening Session Can Help You

A spiritual awakening session can help you discover yourself and learn more about spiritualitythrough the experience of your tutor as well as the teachers they recommend to you. You’ll benefit from a spiritual awakening session if you’re willing to understand yourself further. Inspired by healing, or have an interest in the raising of vibration or energy.

Here are other ways in addition which a spiritual awakening session can help you:

  • Uncover “things” you’ve suppressed or neglected
  • Appreciate yourself and others
  • Figure out your life purpose
  • Make sense of the experiences or challenges you’ve undergone in life
  • Learn spiritual tools and techniques
  • Rediscover yourself
  • Assist in healing
  • Expand your thinking
  • Manifest and shine a light on positive vibrations
  • Understand life and why you’re here on earth
  • Become a better person, parent, family member, and friend

Disadvantages of a Spiritual Awakening Session

Although many of us spiritualists like to believe that there are no disadvantages to a one-on-one session -we’d be lying to ourselves. In conclusion, there are some disadvantages, and depending on the type of person you are – could be affected.

The main one is the risk of feeling unsatisfied. Usually, people have unrealistic expectations for a spiritual awakening session – leaving them with a dissatisfied “taste” in their mouth. It’s better, in this instance, to come with an open mind and no expectations.

It’s also important to remember that as a client, you need to upkeep your side of the bargain. Meaning, if you attend one session and go back to doing nothing waiting for your vibrations to rise… It’s likely to not be a fruitful outcome for you.

Lastly, like traditional therapy – it can sometimes take multiple sessions for you to begin noticing a difference within your life. But above all, if you continue your spiritual practices and holistic healing, you’ll begin to notice change appearing.

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