Nanny dog

8 Nanny Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Families

Nanny dog

Ahhh yes, the term “nanny dog” isn’t exactly something you hear often – and that’s because nanny dogs are just another way to say a child and adult-friendly dog breed. What makes a nanny dog unique to other breeds, however, is their reliability and previous demonstration to show guidance and leadership in a family. Nanny dogs are particularly appealing to parents or people who require a low maintenance pooch that isn’t as demanding. Here are 8 nanny dog breeds that we think are perfect for families:

1. Pitbull

Nanny dog pitbull

Pitbulls were once considered the “nanny dogs” for generations in America. People would use Pitbulls for the sole purpose of protecting their family – which has now taken a turn in our current day and age. But despite their reputation over the many years, Pitbulls are good with kids and make great additions to the family – so long as the owner is willing to invest time in adequately training their dog.

2. Rottweilers

Nanny dog Rottweilers

Another controversial yet well-known dog that makes number two on our nanny dog breed list is the Rottweiler. Rottweilers are best known for their fearless, courageous, and dedicated personality. Although they’ve copped some slack in recent years, Rottweilers are committed to their family. And if they are properly raised – they can make a magnificent addition as a new member of your family.

3. Dobermans

Nanny dog Dobermans

The Dobermann or Doberman Pinscher is yet another fearful breed that serves as a protective nanny dog. Dobermans are exceedingly loyal to their family, confident, and alert. They’ve been known to be aggressive to strangers and supposedly have the most forceful dog bite force. With this aside, and the proper training in mind: Dobermans once served to be a good nanny dog in the past- and have the potential to carry on this tradition.


4. German Shepherd

Nanny dog german shepherd

An extremely popular and well-known breed is the German Shepherd, making yet another name for itself as a nanny dog. The German Shepherd is an intelligent dog. He’s smart and child-friendly. A trained German Shepherd is also known to be a working dog, and they assist humans just as much as we try to provide value to them. German Shepherd suits being a nanny dog for the utmost loyalty to their family and smart-witted behavior. 

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5. Shiba Inu

Nanny dog shiba inu

Originating from Japan, Shiba Inus are well known for their adaptability and friendly nature when a part of a family, thus making them good nanny dogs. Although Shibas can be aggressive and extremely hard to train – they’re an overall well-grounded dog. Shiba Inus are also common to serve as guard dogs in the homes of Japan, even in apartment buildings.

6. Beagles

Nanny dog Beagles

Despite their small size and cute appearance, Beagles make our nanny dog list given their adaptability and friendly approach to children. Beagles are known family pets in many royal hierarchy families, given their curious nature and playfulness. A Beagle might become aggressive out of fear or in a situation where he’s demonstrating a demand for territory. They were also bred to be hunting dogs.


7. Labrador Retriever

Nanny dog Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers have a natural liking with parents for their ability to bond with children. Yes, Labs are intelligent, alert, and curious dogs – but they’re also affectionate and demonstrate behaviors of loyalty and protection for their family. Clearly, the reason why they’re perfect nanny dogs!

8. Golden Retriever

Nanny dog Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers make great nanny dogs for their love they provide to their family, superb temperament around children, and protective wit they have for their household. The Golden Retriever is a common breed that most people sought to buy. They’re well behaved, make adequate training partners, are athletic, and have a longer life expectancy than most other dogs.  


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