mom guilt

Mom Guilt: 10 Ways to Heal Yourself From Mommy Guilt

mom guilt
Mom guilt exists – here’s what to do about it.

Mom guilt, or mommy guilt, is a lingering difficulty made up of numerous factors. Something as little as taking a 15-minute break from your kids, or not being present when your child tripped over the living room carpet – might be enough to trigger a whirlwind of emotions. And once you’ve been triggered, the mommy guilt will hit you as hard as a tequila shot. The good news is, mom guilt is extremely common, especially for those who are empathetic. This article will explain 10 ways you can begin to heal yourself from mommy guilt, once and for all:

1. Healing starts from looking within

Much like mom anger, mom guilt may appear from external triggers – but is actually a symptom of deeper inner-issues. Guilt, fear, anger, or anything of similar emotional vibration – does a wonderful job at hiding what’s really going on inside of you. So very often, we’ll go through life carrying mom guilt and blaming it on this, that, and the other – when really, the problem was always from within.

Looking within will provide you a deeper understanding of yourself, and allow you to analyze your triggers much deeper than just surface issues. For example, as you look within – you might realize that part of your mom guilt comes from exceptionally high expectations. And every time you fail to meet those expectations as a parent, you become triggered, which then makes you degrade yourself. 

Being honest with yourself, and pushing past the surface issues will allow your healing to start manifesting. If you’re new to the spiritual method of healing, reading our article on holistic healing is a good place to start.

2. Be patient with yourself


If you’re anything like me and are always “tracking” whether we’re being the best mom to our children, then you’d know how hard we can be on ourselves. But one thing I learned the hard way was the necessity to be patient with yourself. After my spiritual awakening, I became overly-anxious about not causing my child any more trauma. In my quest to become a good parent, I implemented various changes to myself and my routine – that I quickly became burnt out.

As you heal yourself from mom guilt, you must remember to be patient with yourself – to avoid feeling burnt out and cause more unnecessary mommy guilt. Healing, awakening, and implementing changes take time. And for good reason too. Be gentle with your journey, remain optimistic, and continue.

3. Invest in a proper self-care routine

Ladies, can we please normalize the importance of a self-care routine. Yes, your children and family do come first – but you also come first. By that, we mean investing time into taking care of yourself will help you as you heal from mommy guilt.

Here are some healing tips you might implement into your self-care routine:

  • Teaching your kids about the importance of mommy-breaks
  • Repeat your daily uplifting affirmations
  • Book yourself a nanny once a month (to take the load off)
  • Ask for help when due
  • Try to get a good night’s rest (avoid late-night technology)
  • Do things that make YOU feel good

We at EYLIZA believe there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself momma. And although your mommy guilt might be triggered even thinking about it: remind yourself that in order to be the best parent for your kids – you need to feel good too.

4. Positive affirmations work to heal mom guilt


The healing power which positive affirmations possess is a gift in itself. As you repeat your positive affirmations, this will not only help to heal your mommy guilt but will provide many other benefits such as:

5. Be with nature

I am a nature enthusiast, especially when it comes to healing. Being with nature, like going on walks or implementing grounding techniques will assist you through your healing. It also works as a good opportunity to take your kids outside with you. Nature has a powerful spiritual essence and provides deep inner-healing for those who set such an intention.

As you experience your time with nature, take your shoes off and walk bare-foot on the ground. Sit underneath a tree and take deep calming breaths. Imagine the sounds around you – beaming an energetic frequency into your body and healing what’s looking to be repaired.

Continue reading: The Wisdom of Trees

6. Keep yourself accountable about mom guilt


Although mommy guilt might not always stem from things you have/haven’t done, keeping yourself accountable will assist in your healing just as much as anything else mentioned above. Being honest with yourself and how you treat your children should always be reviewed. How you discipline your children might also trigger mom guilt – in which case, keeping accountable will provide you a level of healing.

7. Strive to be a better human: mom guilt

Not saying that you aren’t doing this already, but striving to be better can help heal from any mom guilt associated with lack-of: or anything similar you tell yourself. As you dedicate to always be better, whether that be personally, physically, emotionally, spirituality – your children will also feel that.

As a result, you’ll feel more empowered. And when the triggering thoughts do reaper from time to time, you’ll know that on a deeper level – you are always striving to be better. This also works well if someone else is influencing your mommy guilt, for example: telling you that you aren’t capable or not a good enough parent. When you stay honest with yourself, your healing will be just as powerful.

8. Embrace your children’s love


Embracing your children’s physical and spiritual love is both healthy and healing. We believe that children are born with an all-godly essence, embracing their love can help you stay grounded and present. Despite whatever turbulence of emotions, you’re going through at the moment.

9. Fill up your self-love tank

Sometimes mommy guilt stems from low self-esteem, in which case – filling up your self-love tank will help you heal quicker in all aspects of your life. Everybody’s self-love tank looks different. 

So apart from some of the things we’ve listed above, here are some other ways you can raise your inner-love:

  • Let go of things/people/places that don’t serve you
  • Live a life that is true to your soul
  • Be kind to yourself along this journey
  • Fight addictions that prevent you from living happily
  • Work on yourself constantly
  • Remind yourself of your worth
  • Choose to believe in your positive affirmations
  • Have faith in yourself

10. Be realistic

No one is a perfect human – and that includes parenting. Remember to keep realistic expectations for yourself, as a mother, to prevent mom guilt from influencing your thoughts. This includes being realistic about the need to work to make money, not having the luxury to buy your children everything they want, and anything else that might impede your logic.


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