Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Minimally

Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Minimally

Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Minimally

If you’re someone like me, you’ve most likely traveled somewhere before and packed far too many items. Minimalist packing and learning how to pack minimally can save you the back-aches and stress on your next weekend getaway.

Implementing minimalist packing strategies provides numerous benefits such as providing more space, makes you feel less stress, and saves you money! Start by checking the weather and only bringing things you’re familiar with. Also, be sure to utilize your items so it can have two or more uses throughout your trip.

Once you realize you don’t need as much as you think you do, the easier the packing process will become. When learning how to pack minimally, be honest with yourself- and find the willpower to avoid bringing unnecessary items.

Check The Weather


Unless you’re a Social Media Influencer who needs 1000x different outfit changes no matter the season, we recommend you check the weather to give you an idea as to how hot or cold you’ll need to pack.

Doing this can save you space and allows you to brainstorm the different outfits you’ll want to wear, given the weather circumstances.

Watch below EYLIZA’s Founder, Cherish go through the perfect items to take on a weekend bag (mommy edition) in the How to Pack Like a Minimalist video:

Go With What You’re Familiar With

Usually, sticking to what you’re familiar with can help you avoid packing unnecessary items. Apply this rule with clothing, shoes, makeup, or jewelry. If you’re trying to save space, bring things that you know make you happy, and you’re comfortable with- to avoid bringing something you’ll never wear (-or only wear once.)


Utilize Your Items

By utilizing your items, you can potentially use the same thing (e,g clothing, bag, shoes) on numerous occasions. This means you won’t need to bring alternatives, such as extra shoes if you know you can wear one pair every day.

Aim For Two Bags

If possible, aim to use no more than two bags. Of course, size, weight, and versatility depend on you. However, the more practical the bag- the happier you’ll be.


Find below a list of bags perfect as a carry on and checked-in:

Combine Your Belongings

If you can combine any of your belongings, you’ll save more space to either fill with other items or carry less weight. Although this won’t be possible for some, combining your hair and beauty products into one compartment is better than using two compartments.


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