Minimalist Makeup: How to Have a Minimal Collection

Minimalist Makeup: How to Have a Minimal Collection

With consumerism steadily on the rise, the influences surrounding us can grow increasingly tense. Makeup is one of the many powerful tools which many people flock to invest in. Learning minimalist makeup tendencies can help alleviate that issue.

A Minimalist Makeup Collection consists of owning fewer products to achieve the desired look, with as few steps as possible. Many choose to use the same product (Eg, Bronzer) and apply it within two-or-more areas throughout their routine. Others prefer a “simple” makeup look, therefore requiring fewer products as a result.

So you know, there is no limit or specific rules that outline whether someone has a minimalist makeup collection or not. So if you’re seeking guidance, rest assured that only you can truly determine whether you’re happy with the amount you own or not.

Determine Why You Use Makeup


By determining why you use makeup, you’ll understand how much and what type of items you’ll end up keeping in your collection. 

For example, if you’re a freelance makeup artist- you want to be resourceful. That means throwing away “everything” that you own might be the wrong choice.

Figuring out if you prefer minimalist makeup or full-glam can also help you decide on what to keep and what to get rid of.

Choose Products Carefully

In EYLIZA’s Founder- Cherish’s Minimalist Makeup Collection, she uses the method of reusing multiple products for different purposes. For example, she uses The Cali Contour Palette by Smashbox as her eyeshadow, bronzer, highlight, and baking! You could also choose products that give you multiple advantages, or pick ones you use the most.

Don’t Throw What You Can’t Afford

Although it can be tempting during the heat of the moment to throw everything away and go all-natural, you want to take into consideration the previous step mentioned in this article.

If you’re only starting, throwing away certain items one day at a time can be beneficial as opposed to doing it in one big hit. Also, if you change your mind in the future- you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank to replace those items.

Utilize What You Have


Before clicking that “30% OFF at Sephora” email link, reconsider what you already have. Utilizing what you already have can help you avoid purchasing more and more unnecessary items.

And even if you don’t throw anything from your makeup collection away, utilizing all of your current products before investing in more can be just as minimalist.

Check The Expiry Date

How many of us didn’t know that there were expiry dates on makeup until recently- Say “I.”  Ladies, please check the expiry dates on all of your makeup products and throw away anything that’s expired.

Using expired makeup is bad because:

  • It can cause break-outs!
  • They harbor bacteria
  • Can cause swelling or irritation
  • Might cause pink-eye or other infections

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