Minimalist Makeup: How to Have a Minimal Collection

Minimalist Makeup: How to Have a Minimal Collection

Minimalist Makeup: How to Have a Minimal Collection

With consumerism steadily on the rise, the influences surrounding us can grow increasingly tense. Makeup is one of the many powerful tools which many people flock to invest in. Learning minimalist makeup tendencies can help alleviate that issue.

A minimalist makeup collection consists of owning fewer products to achieve the desired look, with as few steps as possible. Many choose to use the same product (Eg, Bronzer) and apply it within two-or-more areas throughout their routine. Others prefer a “simple” makeup look, therefore requiring fewer products as a result. Overall, a minimalist makeup collection can, however, look different for everyone.

So you know, we believe there is no limit – or specific rules that outline whether someone has a “minimalist makeup collection” or not. So if you’re seeking guidance, rest assured that only YOU can truly determine whether you’re happy with the amount you own or not. With that being said, here’s some tips on creating a minimal collection:

Determine Why You Use Makeup

When we say, “determine why you use makeup,” we’re encouraging you to explore the meaning of makeup use. In other words, understanding if makeup has a positive, negative, or neutral effect on you. For example, a freelance makeup artist likely uses makeup regularly because it makes them happy: it’s their work, or passion. A new-mom might use makeup once a month, and a teenager might use makeup everyday to help with their self-esteem.

Whatever the reason, once you have an understanding of why you use makeup, forming a minimalist makeup collection can make this job easier. And thankfully, this is a much easier process than those who practise extreme minimalism. Ask yourself questions such as, what do I enjoy about makeup? Do I only use makeup for work? Is makeup an extremely tool in my life? Asking yourself these questions allows you to choose what to keep in your collection, and how much of it to keep. Which leads us onto the next tip:

Choose Products Carefully

There comes a point when you’ll want to scan through every makeup item you own, to carefully choose what to keep and what to get rid of. Now of course, you’ll want to keep the first tip to determine why you use makeup in mind. Being mindful of this, you’ll start to recognize whether certain products in your collection have an intentional purpose, or are simply there as “back up.” And through that realization, you’ll be able to help you decide on what items you’ll want to continue buying – or be able to let go of.

EYLIZA’s Founder, Cherish, shared her secrets to keeping a minimalist makeup collection. In her video, she explains a method of reusing multiple products for different purposes. For example, she uses The Cali Contour Palette by Smashbox as her eyeshadow, bronzer, highlight, and baking! You could also choose products that give you multiple advantages, or pick ones you use the most.

Click the video to watch her minimalist makeup collection:

Don’t Throw What You Can’t Afford

Now before you start creating a “throw-away” pile, you should be sure you don’t throw items that might cost you more to replace in the short-term. So although it can be tempting during the heat of the moment to throw everything away and go all-natural, you want to take into consideration a few things:

  • Whatever you throw away, will you NEED it in the next 5-days?
  • Can you afford to replace what’s being thrown out?
  • Will throwing some of these items away impede on your mental health?
  • Are you willing to leave the items you throw-out behind?
  • Do you recognize WHY you’ve decided to let go of some of your items?

If you’re only starting: throwing away certain products one day at a time can be beneficial as opposed to doing it in one big hit. Take it slowly, especially if you’re not 100% on the whole minimalist makeup idea. And if you can’t afford to throw your items away, start by putting them aside or giving them to a friend or family member (who won’t mind if you ask for it back.) P.S: if change your mind about a minimalist makeup collection in the future – you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank to replace any items you threw away.

Utilize What You Have


If you haven’t thrown away any makeup items – no judgement. However, we encourage you to take a brief moment to check yourself. Before clicking on that “40% OFF at Sephora” email link, you might want to reconsider what you already own.

Do you really need to buy a new setting spray because Jeffrey Star told you too? Have you used up your old banana powder (that’s probably 2-months over its expiration date) before buying a new one? Is this “new revitalising all-in-one foundation stick” seriously worth your $100? Utilizing what you already have, can help you to avoid purchasing more items – which overall helps you when learning how to have a minimalist makeup collection.

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Check The Expiry Date

How many of us didn’t know that there were expiry dates on makeup products until recently? Ladies, please check the expiry dates on all of your makeup products and throw away anything that’s expired! If you can’t do any of the tips we mentioned above, at least use the knowing of owning expired makeup jumpstart you to get rid of a couple of things.

For your convenience, we’ve listed a few important reasons why using expired makeup is bad:

  • It can cause break-outs
  • They harbor bacteria
  • Can cause swelling or irritation
  • Might cause pink-eye or other infections

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