Millennials and Marriage

Millennials and Marriage

Have you tried asking a Millennial what the words “Millennials and Marriage” mean to them? Chances are, they’ll tell you exactly that– they’re simply words that have no real significance in their lives unless they’re at the stage of a life-long commitment with their partner. But wait, for all of you oldies out there that don’t understand our logic, let me explain further.

Millennials aren’t purposely trying to avoid marriage; instead, we choose to delay the thought of marriage until we’re entirely sure it’s for OUR best interest. A few factors come to play with this decision; however, for the most part, marriage isn’t entirely off the table, but we aren’t jumping at the thought of it either.

It’s no surprise that Millennials are choosing to marry at a later age. As mentioned above- numerous reasons play a part in this decision. From our own beliefs, growing up in a divorced household, wanting to focus on our career first, or simply choosing to be with ourselves before committing into a marriage are only some of the factors that run through our minds. But whatever the case may be, Millennials still respect others for whatever decisions they make around marriage.

Do Millennials Get Married?

As mentioned above, most Millennials eventually get married- but at a much later age. Compared to Baby Boomers and Generation X who married before the age of 25Millennials prefer to wait until their late 20’s through to their mid-’30s before choosing to tie the knot.

On the other hand, a small percentage of Millennials choose not to get married at all. Each person’s reasons will vary; however, these people often have seen/felt the adverse effects (through their parents or family) that marriage can have.

Why Millennials Are Getting Married Later?


There are numerous reasons why Millennials choose to get married later. Millennials and marriage aren’t precisely the first thing on their minds, but understanding why might help you accept them better.

Millennials Are Career Focused

Career is a significant part of a Millennials life; And for some, the idea of marriage is easily put on the back burner to focus on establishing a proper career path. Because Millennials are so career-driven, they’re happy to focus their attention on building up wealth first.

Marriage Isn’t as Forced Upon Anymore

In western society, the forcing of arranged marriage isn’t as common. Sure, there are expectations within certain cultures and religions; however, for the most part- marriage isn’t as forced upon anymore.

Millennials seize this opportunity with gratefulness, and choose to freely decide when they believe is the right time for them to get married.

They’ve Seen Only Negative Effects


Another common reason why Millennials and Marriage don’t mix is that they’ve only seen adverse effects of marriage. Whether through their parent’s divorce, friends, or close relatives, such issues prevent Millennials from signing along the dotted line. This can also be partly due to fear or trauma.

They Prefer to Wait

Whether it be because they’re focusing on themselves, they have no interest in marriage or are distracted by the everyday commotion of life- Millennials simply prefer to wait. Unlike older generations who prioritize marriage, Millennials try not to put such agreement on a pedestal. Agree with it or not, this is how most Millennials view marriage.

Marriage and Weddings Are Expensive

Young Millennials are cautious with how they spend their money, so the price of weddings and a life-long marriage is just an extra lump sum they choose not to think about. No, not all Millennials think this way (obviously,). Still, for most of us- we’d instead push pause on a wedding until we’re financially able to create an experience that we’ve always imagined.


Do Millennial Marriages Work?

For the Millennials who choose to marry later on in life, it seems that these marriages work better and are less likely to end in divorce (-or re-marriage.) Many factors come into play with this, however, such as financial stability and the overall well-being of both parties.

External influences such as freedom (alone time,) both parties’ groups of friends, and family ties can also play a factor in the success of Millennial marriages. Regardless of generation, however, marriages only work when both individuals are putting an equal amount of love and effort.


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