Living a life of purpose

5 Steps to Begin Living A Life of Purpose

Living a life of purpose

A life of purpose looks different for everyone. As a spiritualist, my idea of living a life of purpose means providing to society, whilst caring for myself at the same time. A purposeful life also includes actively remaining in gratitude, and not waiting until my death-bed to feel that I’ve accomplished living a life of purpose. Ok, was that too heavy? Anyway, we’ve compiled 5 (not-so-heavy) steps you can take to begin living a life of purpose:

1. Have faith in something higher than yourself


Faith is something I hold dear to my heart: it’s your backbone, your trust – an unexplainable belief that can help you during all times of your life. Whether it be faith in yourself, faith in God, or faith in another spiritual sense – living a life of purpose requires having faith in something.

When all else feels hopeless, faith will get you through. If there’s nobody around to support you, your faith will always remain. People who lack faith might not necessarily live a life that isn’t purposeful, but they’ll tend to neglect taking necessary action when due. Having faith can also help us achieve our goals, no matter how hard or distant they might appear. 

Here are a few reasons why having faith can help you to live a life of purpose:

  • Brings you closer to your spiritual essence
  • Allows you to push through the darkness in life
  • Is a powerful back-bone all humans should utilize
  • Activates your inner-strength and trust for the universe
  • Helps you to overcome fears, or blockages you may experience throughout your journey
  • Can bring you a sense of purpose

2. Start living a life that’s authentic to YOU

When you can live a life that’s authentic to your true self, you’re already living a life of purpose. In our article, what’s the purpose of life if we die anyway, we explain that we believe part of the purpose of life is to experience being a human. And with that, means the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Living an authentic life will provide you a purposeful life, as it allows you to challenge your reality – and push boundaries that we set as humans. Examples of this include living a life where you’re not afraid of what others will think of you, or embracing yourself, exactly as you (despite what others expect of you).

Do things that are good for your true self. Be exactly how you want to be. Let go of things, ideas, belief-systems, or even people that question your authenticity. Be different: being different is amazing. Gain inspiration from others, but don’t hide in an attempt to make other people happy. This is a wonderful way you can truly begin living a life of purpose.

3. Give back to society


Giving back to society, to the earth, and the universe is one of the best steps you can take to begin living a life of purpose. Have you ever heard the saying, “helping others helps yourself”?. This is exceptionally true, as helping others can provide us numerous benefits.

Giving back to society, when done without an egotistical expectation in return, can provide you holistic healing benefits. It can boost your self-confidence, help you gain empathy, allows you to appreciate life, and can raise your spiritual vibration.

4. Take good care of yourself (mentally, physically, spiritually)

It’s imperative that in order to begin living a life of purpose, you must take good care of yourself. Whether you intend to give back to society, develop yourself, or do a bit of both – your mental, physical, and spiritual (or emotional) well being should be tended to. Here are some ways you can do this:

4.1 Mentally

Having a healthy frame of mind will allow you to achieve your goals quicker than if you were filling your mind with negatives. Filling your mental state with positive affirmations is one way you can help yourself. Other ways include being a positive person, remaining optimistic, and showing love for yourself by being gentle and kind. 

4.2 Physically

Having a healthy body means a better chance to achieve your goals. Eating foods that promote longevity, going for walks, and keeping active, as well as maintaining blockages in your body that might cause problems in the future.  

4.3 Spiritually

Caring for your spiritual well being will help you feel empowered, loved, and motivated – all of which will help you when living a life of purpose. Doing things that activate your spiritual essence can guide you in the right direction. If you’re an empath, practicing grounding techniques will be beneficial. Other examples include being with nature, living a life that promotes kindness, and embracing the magic of the universe.

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5. Remain in gratitude

When you can remain in gratitude, living a life of purpose doesn’t seem as hard. Gratitude and thankfulness go hand-in-hand for a purposeful life. Not only does remaining in gratitude allow you to be thankful for all of your accomplishments at present, but it can also help you feel successful and not as distant from achieving your goals – whatever those may be.  


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