Inspirational Writing

Inspirational Writing For Articles: The Ultimate Guide

Inspirational Writing

Inspirational writing encourages creativity, provides a purpose, and delivers ultimate value. When creating written content (articles) for your website, your first goal must focus on providing value to your audience. This can be done through high-quality, motivating writing. Here, we’ll explain the many ways you can create wonderful and inspirational writing for articles and your readers.

What is Inspirational Writing?

At its core, inspirational writing motivates and provides purpose to the reader. Have you ever read an article about something completely emotionless? And somehow, you found yourself connected, left with a desire to know more about the topic you just read? A writer who can implement their content writer skills into every article will find that words just seem to flow. In return, this naturally produces an inspirational writing piece that works well for any website. Inspirational writing is imperative to your brand: the more you connect with readers, the deeper the trust they’ll have for you! 

Why is Inspirational Writing Important?

Good inspirational writing is important for a brand to build its reputation, trust, and connection with its audience. At EYLIZA, various factors determine what topic we write about. One of those factors include whether we’re passionate or have a genuine interest in the topic – and if we do, we find that inspirational writing comes surprisingly easy.

Have you ever searched google for something you’re usually interested in, but found yourself dissatisfied because the article you read was dull or unmotivating? For instance, when you’re bored with friends looking for fun activities – but the article you’re reading is making everything sound impossibly hard or depressing and sad.

Yup, we can relate. It’s almost like a huge disappointment, or let down. When you read something you’re passionate about, but the writer failed to live up to that standard. Sometimes, this can happen because the writer has no real interest in the subject – or they simply do not have the skills to turn any topic into an inspiring piece.

This is why it’s so important to be able to write inspirational content for your audience. Regardless of the niche you’re in, or the topic you’re writing about, a good content writer can make anything sound amazing! (And this is coming from a content writer with no previous experience.)

You know you’ve cracked the code when you can motivate your readers to take action, feel inspired, feel heard, appreciated, or anything else that adds value. Not only will they trust you with what you’ve written, but they’ll remember you for it. And it’ll be shown to you either through a like on your article, a comment, a share, directly reaching out, or simply becoming a regular to your website.

Essential Concepts of Inspirational Writing

Before we explain how to begin writing inspirational articles, we’ll quickly cover some essential concepts of it:

Being different when you’re writing makes you stand out from the crowd, and being different is amazing! Naturally, you’ll be “competing” with various websites to have your article show up on the first page of Google. This means you’ll need to think outside of the box and write compelling articles that both provide value but are also different from what’s currently ranked as the top 10.

Having a goal as you write can help prevent you from going off track and will assist your focus in achieving the purpose of your article. For example, if you’re trying to write an inspirational article on holistic healing because your niche is in holistic medicine – your goal might be to inspire your audience to purchase your products or services. As a result, you’ll be reminded about your focus and can focus your direction on influencing your readers to take “action.”

When logic isn’t necessary, write from the heart. Depending on the subject, this might not always be easy. For EYLIZA, we love to incorporate our spiritual essence into every article we publish – making inspirational writing come naturally. Whether we’re talking about extreme minimalism, how to deal with bullying, or even just smiling cats – writing from the heart can turn any piece into a positive and exciting read.

Write with a genuine interest. Imperative to your audience, try to write your articles with a genuine interest in the topic you’re covering. And believe us when we say: your readers can smell insincerity from a mile away!


How to Begin Writing Inspirational Articles

We believe there are 7 directions you can use to focus on when creating inspirational writing. Here, we’ll explain these ideas step-by-step and give you personalized tips to achieve them:

1. Understand your audience

Before you write any kind of article, you should have a strong understanding of the audience you’re writing for. Ask yourself questions such as: What makes my readers tick? Can I think of any specific buzz-words? What style of writing resonates more with them? Take this brief moment to reflect on these questions, and determine how you’ll integrate this information into your writing and your article.

With EYLIZA, our readers are primarily millennials. Keeping this in mind, we find subtle ways to keep our audience engaged – that way our message is both heard and relatable. We do this through our tone, the slang we use to write with, and of course – choosing articles that reflect things they’re going through. And because millennials are different, or in other words, they’re unique for their generation – this provides us a broader scheme of subjects and topics to publish.

When you’re creating an inspirational written article, keep your audience in mind. Doing so will assist you in choosing audience-appropriate subjects. And you can begin to start writing inspirational pieces that are pleasant to read and engaging enough to serve as a motivational article – regardless of the topic.

2. Take your readers on a journey

Whether you’re writing about something heavy like the importance of cultural diversity or even something lighter such as starting a new relationship: inspirational writing encompasses the ability to take your readers on a journey that they’ll remember. When an article incorporates imagination, humor, and relatability into it – you’ll find that your readers will instantly become more captivated with whatever point you’re trying to get across.

The way you choose to execute that is up to you, your brand, and the niche you’re in. Some audiences appreciate solution-based writing, whereas others don’t mind long-winded, from the heart, styled answers. No matter what you decide, keep it to the point. Focus on your goal, and choose words that reflect the journey you’d like them to undergo.

3. Write a compelling headline

If you’re not too bothered about SEO, take inspirational writing to the next level by using this opportunity to write a compelling headline. What is a 10 word-or-less title that relates to your article? How would you captivate your audience if the headline was the only thing they saw on google? Asking yourself these questions helps to jump-start your imagination – and sets the tone for the rest of your article.

4. Choose a topic that relates

Don’t be one of those jack of all trades types of websites. Do you know what I’m talking about? Those websites with a specific audience but continue to write about everything under the sun in hopes to rank. When your goal is to motivate and inspire your readers, start by choosing to write topics that relate to them. 

So if you’re a self-development website (like us) you might not want to write about something completely irrelevant (or has no connection to your audience.) As an example, “how to smuggle candy into a movie theater” has no relevance to our purpose and isn’t a topic we believe will relate to our readers. 

Although there are no boundaries to what topic you choose. Try to keep articles relating back to your audience. Doing this ultimately reminds your readers why they enjoy your website and can make the inspirational writing process much easier for your content writer/s. 

5. Set a goal for your article

What are you hoping to achieve once your article is published? Do you want your readers to take a specific action? Or do you want to leave them feeling happy, inspired, or optimistic? Set a goal for each article, and write it with the intention that you’ll be helping so many people.

Each article we publish at EYLIZA has different goals. In our article on becoming a happier, more positive person – our goal is to share practical and spiritual techniques that can be used to uplift people. However, our article on minimalist makeup aims to persuade people to watch our YouTube video and inspire people to start decluttering their makeup collection.

Keep in mind: that readers can “see-through” an article that is published for the sole purpose of seeking money, views, or another non-value purpose. Click-bait articles are an unfortunately good example of this. With click-bait articles, you feel that the writers’ goal was insincere – and they were only looking for something to provide THEM value.

Inspirational writing works hand-in-hand with your purpose as a website/brand/creator and the value you provide to your readers. A well-written article should benefit both you and your audience – rather than just you or vice-versa. 

6. Choose words that are encouraging and motivating

As you’re writing your article/s, incorporate words that are both encouraging and motivating for your readers. Inspirational writing has a knack for turning controversial or taboo-like topics into an open, safe, and motivational piece. This is done by carefully choosing appropriate words and keeping things unrolled by a rigid outcome. (Depending on your topic.)

For example, we wrote an article about different ways you can celebrate pride-month at work. And of course, pride-month can be both a happy or difficult time. Especially for some of our readers: depending on the circumstances. Intending to shed light on the joys of pride-month in mind, we made a conscious effort to use words that would inspire others and leave readers feeling uplifted.

But even for articles that might not be as fun to read. Like, anything to do with managing your finances, for example… or even just financial articles in general… (that was said with love, please don’t hate us.) These still can be turned into a fun and motivating read – so long as you choose specific words that represent the goal you’re trying to achieve.

7. Keep it genuine and write from the heart

When you write something from a raw and real perspective, readers will notice. It’s like anything you come across – sometimes, you just know if something was made, with a genuine intention or not. Writing each article from the heart, with an open mind, and more profound perspective will help you to achieve an inspiring written piece of content that functions well for all types of people who might come across it.

Tips for Inspirational Writing

Tips for Inspirational Writing

Inspirational writing might sound like a piece of cake, but we recognize that much more goes into it. So many factors should be considered when content writing, especially if you’re motivated to execute it smoothly the first time around. Here we’ll give some tips to help you piece everything together!

Stick to a writing guideline

Although not always possible – when you have a written guideline to follow most times you can predict the pace and tone of your article. What we mean is you can allocate a specific word count to different areas of your article. And with the areas that produce a higher word count, you can jam in as much uplifting information for your reader as possible and even elaborate further to provide additional assistance.

Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable

A great way to build a connection with your readers is through sharing personal experiences, providing free-information that might be hard to come by, or just simply writing with a vulnerable perspective. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself out. Just don’t always write with your guard up – when you let people see the real you, the more you’ll realize that people appreciate it.

Take notice of what inspires you

As you write, don’t be afraid to incorporate what inspires you into your writing. Whether it be a particular style, flow, word choice, or whatnot – use that same inspiration to emerge it into your article for your own readers.

When thinking upon your personal inspiration, ask yourself questions like: What stands out from my favorite book or article? Was it their way with words? Did it pace itself to where I never felt confused or significantly lost? Or was it the simplicity and the ability to relate to me, without me even realizing it?

Once you’re able to identify the inspiration you have from others, you can slowly intertwine it into your own style. Now there is totally no shame in finding inspiration from others. So long as you’re able to make it unique to you.

Don’t let fear prevent you from being truthful

What we mean by not letting fear prevent you from being truthful: is having the confidence in yourself to create magnificently, creative, written work. When you’re confident and fearless about the content you produce, you’re allowing yourself to be open to a diverse perspective of opinions – both positive and negative.

If you avoid certain subjects because you’re afraid of what your readers might think, despite knowing that the topic has an undeniable relevance – accept this and write it anyway! Now what we’re not telling you: is to write mean, nasty, or tasteless articles that promote negativity. But if your topics are controversial and might be open for debate but you feel it can provide everybody value – we recommend trying to remember your truth.

At EYLIZA, we provide spiritual counselling and other spirituality services that can help you discover your true self and allow that essence to come to the forefront in your life. If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to click the links or visit our homepage for more information.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing!

Inspirational writing has no real boundaries or limits to it. Take what you’ve learned in this article, apply it to your work, make mistakes along the way – and see what happens! The only way you can find your knack for writing inspirational articles is by taking one step at a time. Just do it, start now, and the rest can follow.

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