How to live minimalist with a family

How to Live Minimalist with a Family

We’re always influenced by materialistic luxury-lifestyles– but what about if you’re a part of the small community trying to achieve the opposite? If you’re trying to juggle family life while attempting to remain a minimalist, you can implement specific techniques to help keep yourself accountable!

To live as a minimalist with a family, you need to believe in what you’re doing intensely- so your family members can embrace this change naturally. If you question why you’re a minimalist, your family will too. Begin teaching your family members the importance of minimalism, but remain open to the fact that you can not force others to agree.

The word “minimalism” has numerous definitions, but the main point remains the same, being content with less. If you’re content in your lifestyle, you’ll naturally accept others for how they choose to live. To learn more about how to live minimalist with a family, continue reading. 


What is the Minimalist Lifestyle?

In basic terms, a minimalist lifestyle refers to an individual who is actively happy and content with living with less. This could mean numerous things, like owning a set amount of clothes before purchasing more, never collecting more than one of the same item, or decluttering an item- despite sentimental value.

The cool thing about a minimalist lifestyle is it’s yours to create. That means you have the option to decide what rules or boundaries you want to set in place, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

Many people mistake a minimalist lifestyle as being frugal, which in itself has completely different meanings again. A minimalist lifestyle is a simple lifestyle created by an individual who feels happy and content with owning less.

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What is a Minimalist Mother?


A minimalist mother actively teaches the benefits of minimalism to her children, as well as implementing and practicing it in everyday life. Living minimally with kids isn’t always easy, but remaining true to yourself is the best way to overcome such an obstacle.

How Do You Live Minimally with Kids?

There are many ways I choose to live minimally with my toddler, and here’s how you can too! Find below a list of ways you can live minimally with kids:

  • Keep toys at a minimum, keeping only one or two of each item (Example, x1 soft toy, x2 wooden toys, etc.)
  • Teach your child the importance of putting things away as soon as they grab something to play with
  • Explain how minimalism can help with thinking and organization skills
  • Avoid buying numerous items, instead, wait for your child to grow out of them
  • Make toys instead of purchasing (when possible)
  • Reuse or refurbish toys
  • Make decluttering and donating a fun thing!
  • Teach them how to let-go of items and the importance behind it
  • Organize toys into sectioned organizers or containers/baskets
  • Change nursery into a play/sleep room

How Do I Teach My Child Minimalism?

Firstly, before you can teach your child about minimalism- you must understand what it means to you. Once you completely appreciate minimalism; Is when you’ll naturally transcend that knowledge with your child.


Explain Minimalism in Everyday Teachings

The best way I like to teach my child about minimalism is through our everyday teachings. 

If my toddler wants to purchase a toy, I’ll explain to him that he already has toys at home and should get rid of a toy before buying another.

Doing things this way is a great way to implement minimalism into your children’s lives, without unnecessary force or sudden change.

Make Minimalism a Happy Topic


Discussing minimalism in a happy tone and nature creates trust in your child and your choices. When you speak on the topic of minimalism, remember to keep it light and friendly- not frugal and strict-sounding.

Don’t Expect Your Child to Appreciate it The Way You Do

If your child is older, it should be expected of you not to be too harsh on them– especially if they’re still trying to get their head around the whole minimalist-thing. Go easy on them, especially if you want them to appreciate minimalism for what it is (and not what you expect it to look like.)

How Many Items Should a Minimalist Own?

As we’ve already mentioned throughout this article, there are no rules for how much or how little a minimalist should own.

It’s up to you, and you entirely, to decide on how many items you should own as a minimalist.


For myself, I don’t keep a set number in regards to how many items I own. What I tend to do, however, is stay away from owning more than 3 of the same things (for myself, at least). 

Examples of how I keep items to a minimum are:

  • Owning no more than three pairs of shoes
  • Keeping regular worn items only (No wedding dress, no summer clothes in the winter, no “too-small or too-large” items, etc.)
  • Using something up until it’s broken or completed/finished
  • Only buying things that I can wear with two or more currently owned items

What Does a Minimalist House Look Like?

When you say the words “A Minimalist House,” what thoughts come to mind? A ton of plants, lack-of furniture, or an empty living room, maybe…?

Maybe this is the idea of a minimalist house to some, however, it’s safe to say that not every house looks like this. Some people claim to have minimal homes due to the lack of belongings they own, whereas others claim they’re minimal due to less clutter.

In conclusion, asking what a minimalist house looks like- has no real answer. Because when you live as a minimalist with a family, no house will look the same.


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