How to Become a Happier More Positive Person

How to Become a Happier More Positive Person

How to Become a Happier More Positive Person

When learning how to become a happier, more positive person – being successful can often seem like miles away. But in reality, anyone can effortlessly achieve the effects of raising your eudaimonia through conscious awareness and mindfulness techniques.

Implementing techniques designed to aid in the influence of a positive effect – as well as finding balance and understanding yourself better are some ways to consider when understanding how to become a happier, more positive person. And practicing this regularly will benefit you quicker.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve identified needing some inner-work; Some people live in such large unawareness, that unfortunately, they’ll continue to live a life of wavering suffering. Take a deep breath, and feel firm in your ability to achieve what is about to come. Continue reading to learn more!

3 Techniques for Becoming a Happy and Positive Person


There are three techniques we regularly use in order for us to remain in a state of happiness and positivity. By understanding these three techniques – you too can begin implementing them into your life to help you become a happy and positive person also!

1. Raise Conscious Awareness

Before explaining why raising conscious awareness provides one of the key techniques for successfully becoming a happier, more positive person– let’s first explain (for the people who are unaware) what conscious awareness is:

Being Consciously Aware Gives You a Deepend Perspective

Your outlook on reality will completely shift when developing the ability to remain in a consciously aware state. Doing so provides a sentient awareness to internal and external existence – similar to that of intuition.

There’s no easy or fast way to raise your conscious awareness; so long as you start, the effects will already begin to appear. Questioning yourself, seeking guidance from higher-minded individuals, and allowing your mind to remain open throughout the process is essential.

It’s a good idea to remember, however, that it takes consciousness to grow consciousness. So if one chooses to refrain from raising in conscious awareness – their growth in happiness and positivity will remain blocked and won’t fully flourish.


2. Mindfulness

Some would say mindfulness is the same as being consciously aware, and yes, we agree. However, we believe that mindfulness is a state on its own too.

Mindfulness acts as a mental state that supposedly exists within the body. It can bring deep awareness regarding the physical body, one’s emotional state, and sometimes even within the subconscious.

Through mindfulness will present a less negative charge within you – in turn, helping you naturally to become a happier, more positive person.

The appearance of your mindfulness will arrive when you begin to notice the change within and around you. You’ll slowly identify with yourself in a new mind frame – questioning existing traits, reactions, or similar and possibly choose different outcomes.

Mindfulness can also provide you benefits when interacting with others, being present within yourself, and the outer world around you.

3. Remain Present


Presence is a state that can help you avoid wandering of the mind. The art of remaining present is through the use of mindfulness and conscious awareness to avoid being lost in the “past” or “future.”

When we live a life based on lack of presence, problems or hidden emotions can linger. Negativity, guilt, shame, or similar dense-energy can keep one staying trapped in either the past or future – ultimately controlling their subconscious behavior in the present.

To become a happier, more positive person, remaining firm in your presence will help you along with that change.

Listening to your intuition/or your inner-mind is a great way to remain present. Feeling emotions as they arise and being aware of thoughts as they come into your mind will also assist you.

Humans Aren’t Designed to be Happy

Over at Author Rafael Euba claims that humans aren’t designed to be happy – meaning, our natural state is supposedly designed for instinct and survival.

With this in mind, it’s noteworthy to recognize that you’ll always be learning how to become a happier, more positive person. There is no “final-level” waiting to indicate if you reached success or not. It is up to you to decide and regularly implement these techniques for consistent growth.

Unfortunately, some people believe that it requires too much effort to remain in a happy and positive mindset. And depending on your willingness – this might seem true.


So long as you keep an open-mind, ease personal restrictions, and avoid being too hard on yourself – the effort one might seem as “too hard,” could, in fact, be a simple shift for you.

Happiness Starts with You

We have choices to make every day – and that includes (on a deeper level) how we feel. Happiness starts with you, as it’s your choice to make when it comes to your emotions

Many people limit themselves but are completely unaware of it – they’ve been living a life on “auto-pilot” where they believe emotions can’t be controlled. However, we tend to disagree.

Subconscious certainly plays a part in this, but if one were to actively fill their mind with a loving and happy presence eventually, their subconscious would change in thought too. For then, we believe that we can choose to control our emotions – including the choice of being happy.

No one or nothing can make you choose happiness, but you. And by choosing to be happy, you’re allowing happiness to flow through you – regardless of the circumstances

Although it can be hard at times, at the end of the day, we always are left with a choice. It is up to you to make the choice that best aligns with higher-consciousness.

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Ways to Be a More Positive Person


There are different ways to be a more positive person, aside from the techniques mentioned above. Changing certain habits questions certain traits, and finding the willpower within can all accommodate you throughout this journey.

Find below a bulleted list of different ways you can become a more positive person:

  • Treat yourself and others kindly, no matter what
  • Never speak badly upon yourself or others
  • Fill your mind with uplifting and happy thoughts
  • Keep an optimistic attitude towards life
  • Avoid staying trapped in the emotions of anger, hurt, or jealousy
  • Refrain from engaging in dense-vibration activities or conversations
  • Smile, at yourself and towards others
  • Let go of animosity or pain
  • Looking for love in everything
  • Find the “positive-side” of all outcomes throughout life
  • Understand that it’s ok to feel dense-emotions, but heal yourself and carry on

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