How to Become a Content Writer with No Experience

How to Become a Content Writer with No Experience

How to Become a Content Writer with No Experience

The quicker people learn how to become a content writer with no experience, the more opportunity it’ll provide others to earn a second stream of income. Content writing is a fascinating yet exciting field to enter. And when the passion is strong, it’ll never feel like you’re working.

To become a content writer with no experience, you must take appropriate steps to inform future employees that you have what it takes! Do this by creating a portfolio of previously written work, put yourself out there by advertising your services, and actively apply for positions- ensuring to showcase your passion for writing.

You do not need a degree or specific certifications to become a content writer, and just because you don’t currently have experience- doesn’t mean you won’t be hired. With consistency, perseverance, and practice- you’ll find yourself landing your first gig in no time!

What is a Content Writer?

A content writer has the job of providing unique, intriguing, and knowledgeable digital-articles, designed for a specific topic or niche. In simple terms, content writers write captivating information that directly relates to a website or business.

Content writers work both closely or sometimes directly with the website/business owner. Frequent communication is required by both parties. This ensures work is being produced as per the business’s vision/strategy.

As a content writer, you’re responsible for producing written content that follows specific guidelines. This means you should have the gift-of-the-gab, and ability to turn “boring” or expert topics into easy-to-read pieces!

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Is Content Writing Easy?

Like any other field of work, there are both pros and cons to content writing. Content writing can be an easy job, but other times challenges may arise. Depending on your skill level, experience, and knowledge can influence how easy (or hard) work might become.

Find below a list of things that are easy about content writing:

  • Easy job-field to get into (with no prior experience needed)
  • It doesn’t feel like a job
  • Straight-forward guidelines to follow
  • Quick to gain experience
  • Can work remotely or as a freelancer
  • Will develop your understanding of the digital influence
  • Can venture into additional opportunities (and earn money)
  • If working for a niche you have experience in- writing will come naturally

How to Start Freelancing with No Experience

If you’re looking at how to become a content writer with no experience (also referred to as freelancing,) there are two things you can immediately begin to do to better your chances:

1. Compile All Written Work and Create a Portfolio

Portfolios are commonly used in the freelancing world, as they’re similar to resumes (or CVs.) If you have no previous experience, the best thing you can do is compile all previously written work and use that as past work history.

Here are some things you could incorporate:

  • Old written highschool papers
  • University/College exam papers
  • Past blog entries (transform into pdf or word.doc)
  • Formerly written competition pieces
  • Anything else that demonstrates your writing skills

Although most employers require online-published samples of your work, providing a portfolio with a compiled history of additional written work is far better than having nothing to show.

2. Put Yourself Out There!

Let others know exactly what you’re doing by putting yourself out there! Tell your family, post on Facebook your new ventures, sign up to freelancing websites- and begin creating this new venture for yourself.

Just because you have no experience, doesn’t mean you won’t be hired. So long as you prove to others how serious you are about freelancing, they’ll notice that spark within you.

Choosing your words wisely, highlighting your skills and abilities, and being upfront about your lack of work-experience will eventually manifest into good karma for you. Avoid leading people on, as they will be able to tell (-and find out) that you don’t have the skills.

When applying for positions, take the time out to work on detailed and specific cover letters for each employer. (It does take effort, but it’ll also pay off.)

How Much Does a Content Writer Get Paid?

Numerous factors can influence how much a content writer will be paid. If they’re working for a reputable business as a mid-career content writer, their salary can range between $48,000 – $55,000k per year.

When working for a start-up, but still on a contract- salary ranges from $20,000 – $31,000k per year.

Unfortunately, this total can significantly drop if you’re working as a freelancer- but when starting, you’ll be happy to receive anything!

The reality is, as a freelance content writer just starting out- most people aren’t willing to pay you more than (0.50c per word.) In fact, it’s significantly common for people to pay content writers between 0.02c – 0.04c per word.

When becoming a content writer and being paid no more than 0.03c per word, you should aim to have at least four regular clients to sustain a decent income.

Do You Need a Degree To Become a Content Writer?

No, you certainly DO NOT need a degree to become a content writer! 

Here at EYLIZA, we offer free consultations and one-on-one sessions for dedicated people looking at becoming a content writer from the comfort of their own home. We let people know that you do not need any previous experience, certifications, or degrees to enter this career path.

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