How to Be Ok with Being Alone

How to Be Ok with Being Alone

Loneliness- everyone has felt it at least once in their life. Many people prefer to be surrounded by others and despise the thought of being alone. However, what they don’t understand is that being alone is extremely important for us. It allows us to understand who we are, questions our identity, thoughts, and beliefs. 

Learning how to be ok with being alone starts with your mindset. One must recognize what’s causing the fear of loneliness and actively diminish those beliefs. Secondly, understanding the benefits of being alone is essential also- as well as embracing and accepting it.

How many people do you know who attaches themselves to others? Who can’t do things without someone else or relies on others to provide them happiness? Being ok with being alone means you appreciate yourself, and are grateful for others- healthily and positively, without being reliant on someone else. Continue reading to learn more about how to be ok with being alone.

Understand Your Fears


Ask yourself what part do you dislike? If you can understand your fear, you’ll be able to assess whether that fear is valid- or no longer serves you

Many people fear loneliness due to boredom, trauma, or self-acceptance issues. But once you identify these triggers, you can begin to implement techniques that will allow you to feel more at ease with being alone.

Keep Yourself Busy

An easy way to forget about being alone is by keeping yourself busy. The more things you do to keep yourself busy, the less focused you are on the fact that you’re alone.

This is the perfect opportunity to get work done, try new hobbies, or work on self-healing. Over time, you’ll understand the importance of keeping yourself busy- not only for this fact but so you feel less reliant on others too.

Recognize Your Thoughts


Do you know what thoughts are running through your mind when you’re alone? Some people can’t stand being alone because they don’t like listening to themselves. Recognize your thoughts, and keep an eye on any negative or damaging beliefs you think of when you’re alone.

Once you can recognize these thoughts, start by removing them- hour by hour, day by day, week by week.

Mindfulness and guided meditations are beneficial in helping you remove negative thoughts, including implementing positive affirmations.

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Know That It’s Important For Your Growth

Just know that being alone is essential for your growth, which makes it ok. It’s usually during those unforeseen circumstances, where loneliness can help you grow as a person- through numerous aspects of your life.

It was after a breakup where I realized how codependent I had become on him and others. As a result, I was forced to be alone. And it was during that time when I began to find myself and rid myself from those fears.


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