How to Be Ok with Being Alone

How to Be Ok with Being Alone

How to Be Ok with Being Alone

At one point in a person’s life, being alone provides a valuable experience. We believe loneliness helps us to discover who we are, but on a deeper level. Through loneliness, we uncover needs about ourselves that we seek from others – as well as internal matters that aren’t always addressed when surrounded by others. So although being alone can bear a negative impact, there are lessons to consider. Here, we’ll help you learn how to be ok with being alone and explain exactly why we believe it’s important.

Being alone can be good

Despite your sadness or fear of loneliness that might hit from time to time, there are some positive things that can come with being alone. Through a change of perception, inner-realization, and non-judgemental observation – being alone can be good for you in many ways.

Take a moment to think about how you feel when you’re alone. What feelings/emotions arise when you’re lonely? Does loneliness strike boredom? Do you crave something in particular? And if so, what needs are trying to be met? Asking yourself these questions can be good for you, and help you to become a happier, more positive person — as they provide the space to begin understanding yourself, as well as any deeper issues behind your feelings of hating being alone.

At EYLIZA, we’ve done quite a few inner-observations, with the feeling of loneliness included. Through our spiritual awakening journey and learning how to be ok with being alone, we challenged ourselves and our perception of who we thought we were, our identity.

Here’s some things we noticed when understanding how to be ok with being alone:

  • We don’t always need other people around us to feel secure
  • Sometimes, being alone promotes significant change
  • There’s a time and place for social interaction: it isn’t everything, and it isn’t always important
  • Happiness isn’t defined by how many people are around us
  • Self-reflection works best when you’re honest with yourself
  • It’s ok to feel lonely, but it’s also ok to be alone
  • We have the choice to feel loved and happy, despite nobody being around at present

The hardest part to push through when loneliness is present, is the unknown. In other-words, the unknown of everything you feel, in the present moment. For example, the uncomprehended feelings that could arise when reflecting on your day. Those unrevealed emotions you must deal with, now that nobody is around to keep you distracted. The unexpected of what to do, where you’re going, or what’s to come.

Thankfully, however, if you already know how to care for your spiritual well-being – you’d know different ways to combat those feelings, shall they arise. Taking care of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually will also be of assistance.

Now that we’ve covered a few reasons why we believe that being alone is good. Continue reading to discover how to be ok with being alone.

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Essential concepts for learning how to be ok with being alone

We’ve come up with 4 essential concepts to help you along your journey. These include:

1. Understand your fears and triggers


Self recognition is important to consider when learning how to be ok with loneliness. Asking yourself questions such as, what do I fear when I’m alone? How come I fear these things? Will people TRULY provide long-lasting solutions to these fears? If you can understand your fear, you’ll be able to assess whether that fear is valid – or no longer serves you

Many people fear loneliness due to boredom, trauma, or self-acceptance issues. But once you identify these triggers, you can begin to implement techniques that will allow you to feel more at ease with being alone.

2. Keep yourself busy

An easy way to forget about being alone is by keeping yourself busy. Although this will not provide long-term effect, it can help ease unsatisfying feelings. So the more things you do to keep yourself busy, the less focused you are on the fact that you’re alone.

One way to look at it, is it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new. Maybe you can make some new friends? Use this time to re-evaluate your budget, try decluttering your makeup (minimalist edition), or even giving extreme minimalism a shot!

Whatever the situation, keeping busy can work wonders when looking for short-term distractions. But remember, it’s still important to dig deeper – as that’s the only way you can truly appreciate being alone.

3. Recognize your thoughts

Do you know what thoughts are running through your mind when you’re alone? Some people can’t stand being alone, because they don’t like “being” with themselves. Recognize your thoughts, and keep an eye on any negative or damaging beliefs you think of when you’re alone. Doing so will provide you a greater understanding of what is blocking your ability to be ok with a bit of loneliness.

Once you can recognize these thoughts, make an effort to actively remove them – hour by hour, day by day, and week by week.

Mindfulness and guided meditations can be beneficial in helping you remove negative thoughts, including implementing positive affirmations.

4. Do the internal work

Doing the internal work is the only way you can really be ok with being alone. Internal work includes self-recognition, being truthful with yourself, accepting what is, and being prepared to create change within yourself – for the better of yourself.

Some ways this can be done is through traditional therapy, spiritual guidance, journalling, or simply allowing yourself the space to open up to yourself. One of the ways we continued our internal work was writing private inspirational articles – things we never published: just words and words of our true thoughts.

We’d recommend you giving this a go, and seeing where it takes you! Don’t be afraid, challenge yourself – and you’ll begin to notice a change within you, appearing.


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