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How to Be More Confident at Work Meetings

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Confidence at work, especially during work meetings, is something many people (of all ages) struggle with. But learning how to become more confident at work meetings is only something that can be achieved through honest self-reflection, practice, and implementation, something few people understand.

When learning how to be more confident at work meetings, you must first recognize the things holding you back. Fear, self-doubt, anxiety, or lack of confidence can prevent us from being the person we hope to be during our work meetings. And the moment you recognize these “triggers,” is the moment you’ll know exactly what steps to take to become more confident at your work meetings.

Implementing the strategies listed in this article; Can help you achieve the confidence you may be looking for, no matter the reasons behind your lack of confidence. With consistency, perseverance, and self-awareness, you’ll be on the path to thrive in all meetings!


How to Speak Confidently at Work Meetings

Being confident at work meetings doesn’t magically occur overnight; It’s a skill that needs to be regularly implemented throughout your life to come to you naturally.

When you practice speaking confidently throughout numerous areas of your life; Say within your social circle, with family members, or amongst pairs; you’ll easily be able to implement the same skill at work.

To “speak confidently” doesn’t necessarily mean you need to KNOW everything- nor does it mean you need to be the loudest person there. Although both traits help, it means you’re confident in yourself, and your voice, that whatever happens- your emotions remain at balance.

If you notice yourself second-guessing your words, focusing your attention on negative thoughts, or feeling afraid or embarrassed of your work pairs’ opinions, you’ll naturally become fearful and doubtful.

Avoid focusing your attention on others and what they may think of you, and instead shift your energy into yourself- and your words

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How Do You Build Confidence in a Meeting?

There are numerous techniques you should be mindful of when attempting to build confidence within your pairs throughout a meeting. Here are five things you can do to achieve that goal:

1. Know What You’re Talking About (And Know Your Clients)

Building trust and confidence from the people attending your meeting need to know that you’re a trustworthy person to listen to. Knowing your clients; Their preferences, possible questions, likes, and dislikes can help you study the appropriate things and choose the right words to speak.

2. Be As Truthful and Transparent As Possible

The moment you attempt stirring the truth with false or unreliable information, the quicker your meeting will crumble to pieces. Assume the people in your meeting can read you like a bookYou need to be as truthful and transparent with them as possible to receive the best results.

3. Avoid Slang, Filler Words, and Unnecessary Jargon

Nobody appreciates listening to someone who either doesn’t know what they’re talking about, can’t speak with proper etiquette, or is talking utter gibberish. Don’t be this person; So avoid filler words, slang, and unnecessary jargon when possible. Speak in a professional voice during meetings, and leave that other lingo for after work, OK!

4. Provide Evidence (When Appropriate)

If you’re trying to build confidence in a meeting; Specifically for a sale, change of system, or other similar importance- providing evidence is the best thing you could do. Words can only work so far, and if you’re trying to build confidence- showing hard evidence relating to the purpose of your meeting is the best way to achieve such results!

5. NEVER Self-Doubt Yourself


When you begin to doubt yourself, so will others. And in a meeting, it’ll be far more visible than you could imagine. Avoid creating, speaking, or thinking about any self-doubt before, during, and after a meeting. This is unproductive and is not helpful for anyone.

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How to Get Over a Fear of Speaking in a Meeting?

Although the fear of speaking in a meeting can’t be cured within a few hours, it can be improved the more you attempt these strategies listed below. Find below a list of 8 strategies you should regularly try to overcome your fear of speaking in a meeting: 

  1. Practice taking deep breaths both before and during the meeting; Calming your breath helps significantly with anxiety
  2. Pretend you’re the most confident person in the room; And acting as if you are (-which you can be!!!)
  3. Envision yourself speaking with people who love and appreciate you; This helps ease the fact that you’re talking to people from numerous areas within your job, including CEO’s and other higher-ranked positions
  4. Have a Laugh With Yourself; Although the work position you are in may be higher or lower than your pairs, you’re still human- and you’re allowed to laugh regardless of hierarchy
  5. Practice positive self-affirmations; Positive self-affirmations are beneficial throughout numerous areas of our lives, but more importantly the night before and day of your meeting
  6. Try speaking more with strangers, or in large groups (outside of work); The more times you throw yourself into uncomfortable speaking situations, the more you can learn from these experiences
  7. Figure out your fears and work on them; Do you know why you’re fearful of speaking in meetings? Are you afraid of being judged? Do you doubt yourself? Figure out your triggers and begin to work on them
  8. Change your mindset around speaking in a meeting; Sometimes, it’s our mindset and beliefs that can prevent us from progressing further

How to Speak More Professionally

There is a time and place for speaking professionally, and the work environment certainly is one of those times! Here’s how you can speak more professionally:

  • Avoid long pauses in your sentences
  • Choose concise words
  • Refrain from using words such as; “Like, do you know what I mean? um etc.” 
  • Speak clearly (use your entire mouth)
  • Keep sentences brief and relatable to your listener/s
  • Be polite
  • Speak in a calm manner

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