How Do Budgets Work: Millennial Edition

How Do Budgets Work: Millennial Edition

How Do Budgets Work: Millennial Edition

Unless we grew up around it or actively sought such knowledge, we young millennials spend our money on some pretty “interesting” things. To avoid future debt and work towards becoming financially free, learning how budgets work is the first step in that journey.

A budget works to provide the best scenario for how you distribute your money. It identifies situations such as current debt, spending habits, and contributions required to achieve specific goals that you set. Budgets keep you focused and can prevent unnecessary spending from occurring.

If you’re finding it hard to manage your money, or want to start saving for a specific goal- learning the fundamentals of a budget is imperative in your success. Mindset, trust, and will-power are also major factors to be mindful. Continue reading to learn how do budgets work, the millennial edition.

What is a Budget?


As mentioned above, a budget is a systematic indication that works to give you the best-case-scenario on how to manage your money wisely.

A budget takes into account any income, debt, expenses, goals, and other financial responsibilities someone may have. This is why budgets aren’t a “one-size fits all” solution. 

They can be formatted in numerous ways, such as via Excel, Word, Images, or on Paper. And often change depending on where the person is in life, financially and mentally. 

Why Are Budgets Important?


Budgets are important for many reasons. They can estimate how long it’ll take for you to pay back debt, and gives you an understanding as to how to manage your money better. Find below a list of other reasons why budgets are important:

  • It gives an overview of current spending habits
  • Provides information needed to achieve saving goals
  • Informs you of required changes to implement
  • Helps you stay consistent
  • Gives you a visual or physical financial solution
  • Helps you stop guessing or spending money unwisely
  • Keeps track of purchases and how much you spend on a timely-basis

Do Budgets Change?

Yes, budgets change as often as weekly or as less as monthly- depending on your circumstances. For someone who requires extra help with managing their money, they might see themselves changing their budget once or twice a fortnight. Whereas someone more financially established and knowledge might need less organizing of their budget plan.

Mindset and Budgets


Another point to be made when learning how do budgets work is mindset is ESSENTIAL. Creating a tailored budget is the right first step. However, if you lack self-control, it’ll be time wasted. By having the right mindset about money, budgets, and finances- you’ll be able to succeed with your financial goals.

Positive Thinking

By thinking positive thoughts about your budget and financial situation, you are likely to remain consistent with it. Implementing positive thinking can improve your willingness to keep the momentum, stick to your budget, and inspire you to make a change.

Be Truthful To Yourself

You must be truthful to yourself about your money so you can stay on track. Lying and trying to justify to yourself why a $500 bag is worth the investment will never do you any good. If you fall off-track, be honest as to why you spent your money.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

The more you keep your goals in mind, the sooner you’ll see how budgets truly work. Keep post-it notes of your financial journey, have your finance book out at all times, and actively check your bank-account after every purchase. By doing this, you’ll be reminded of why you’re putting in such hard work- therefore, avoid buying impulsive purchases.


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