holistic healing

Holistic Healing: A Holistic Approach to Healing

holistic healing

When healing parts of yourself, it’s important to remain open to all aspects of influence. Holistic healing is one of those aspects to consider, as well as other practices along your journey. A holistic healing approach supports you on all levels and can raise awareness of different techniques that you may have not considered prior.

Holistic healing in a spiritualist view utilizes your essence, on the road to overcoming whatever you’re healing. When practicing holistic healing, you’ll be analyzing yourself as a whole (mind, body, soul/spirit.) From there, you’ll take the best approach required for you in order to begin (or continue) healing.

Those who choose a holistic healing approach are willing to be more open to help and are happy to try different forms of technique, which they might not have considered beforehand. Holistic healing isn’t hard. But it does require a sense of openness and motivation in order to reap results.

What is Holistic Healing


Holistic healing involves utilizing techniques of higher essence to assist someone in their healing journey. When we use the term “holistic healing,” we’re also referring to spiritual healing–which involves using mind, body, soul/spirit.

Someone who practices holistic healing tends to be spiritual, or even religious, as it requires a readily-accepting mindset to feel its effects. Holistic healing may require someone to engage in spiritual activities and regularly practice them to reap the benefits.

Holistic healing might involve activities such as:

  • Meditating
  • Chanting positive affirmations
  • Journaling 
  • Expressing one-self
  • Chakra alignments
  • Visualization

There are many providers with a range of options for people to choose from when taking a holistic approach to healing. It’s up to the client to decide who they’ll go with, and most likely reflects their specialty or what goals the client is achieving.

How Does Holistic Healing Work

Holistic healing works similar to traditional counseling, minus the formality. If you choose to use a holistic healing service, they’ll have various specialties that you must choose from that best aligns with you. You can do this by:

Identifying Your Challenges


Identifying the challenges or problems you need help with is the first step to holistic healing work. For some, this might be simple– but for others, they might have no idea.

If you’re unsure about how to identify what you need help with (to find an appropriate holistic healing provider,) we recommend:

  • For you to journal the problems you’re facing
  • Categorize your problems into one word (e.g, pain body, health issues, life advice, etc)
  • Reaching out to providers and asking them if they can help you
  • Spend time analyzing yourself 

Seek a Specialized Provider

Now that you’ve been able to categorize the challenges, continue your search by seeking a specialized provider. If you’re seeking a holistic approach to healing childhood trauma, try to find someone with experience in that “field.” The same goes for relationships, physical problems, addictions, depression, and everything in between.

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Remain Open and Optimistic

Once you’ve booked a provider, remain open and optimistic about the uncertainty of your upcoming session. Remember, at the end of the day– you’re the only person who can accept change within yourself.

A holistic provider can do their best to assist you with your challenges, but you must be willing to continue what they’re started for you.

Holistic healing only works when you allow spiritual techniques to enter and move through you, embracing this essence, and believing in its power.

Who Does Holistic Healing


Many people all over the world provide holistic healing services. Spiritualists call these people “healers,” who’s life purpose is to serve others given the experiences they’ve overcome.

Thankfully, in this day and age, holistic healing doesn’t always require providers to have a large-scale business. Lots of people provide services out of a small office in your local city, sometimes even within their homes, or can utilize digital technology for a global audience.

Depending on the challenges you’re facing, some people might not need certifications to provide holistic healing. For instance, anyone who has experience in a particular field could assist if they really wanted to.

Otherwise, you could find holistic providers through traditional methods like seeking advice from doctors, or other appreciated medical professionals.

Can Anyone Start Holistic Healing

Yes, anyone can start holistic healing if they’re truly searching for an alternative method to traditional therapy. Spiritual counselling is becoming more accepted and widely known, and encourages the use of more people trying something different from what they consider “the norm.” 

As a spiritualist, holistic healing works best for those who have already spiritually awoken. A spirituality awakening session can provide assistance with that. But for those who haven’t awoken yet, that does not mean holistic healing won’t be beneficial.

So long as you’re open to trying different approaches to healing, you’ll be fine!

Holistic healing is typically used in conjunction with professional advice and isn’t recommended as a sole-purpose for healing. The reason is that most people aren’t capable of feeling the effects of holistic healing.

Although holistic healing is extremely important (continue reading to learn why) the reality is that most people aren’t open to spiritual perceptiveness. Meaning for those people who want to start holistic healing either won’t participate in the session or won’t continue the necessary spiritual upkeep afterward.

If you’re wanting to start holistic healing, you should be ready for everything you’ll experience in that session/s. Go in with limited expectations and free of judgment, carry on practicing any spiritual activities given to you– and embrace the wonderful change that will manifest within you from holistic healing. 

Holistic Healing: Why It’s Important


Holistic healing is extremely important for your spiritual well being and overall happiness. As life provides us many obstacles, some worse than others, holistic healing can help alleviate any pain or burden you might be carrying from such experiences.

When you observe healing from a spiritual perspective– holistic healing can begin exploring and utilizing alternative approaches to what traditional therapy creates boundaries with.

In addition, here are a few other reasons why holistic healing is important:

  • It provides you numerous coping mechanisms
  • Expands awareness/consciousness
  • Maintains spiritual wellness
  • Can assist you in your spiritual development
  • “Fills in the gaps” where traditional therapy wouldn’t explore
  • Helps you feel a sense of self
  • Develops a deeper connection within yourself

How to Begin Holistic Healing

If you’d like to begin holistic healing or would like to learn more about it, we’d recommend for you to search for what interests you. For those who don’t have anything specific but are intrigued by the idea, try listening to spiritual podcasts or watching spiritual teachers on YouTube.

Reading spiritual books are another great way to learn about holistic healing. In particular, Louise Haye’s audiobook “You Can Heal Your Life” is a recommended listen– and was the book that assisted me to heal my depression.

Holistic healing might seem scary, but it’s a wonderful thing to embrace into your life. Above all, if you’re thinking about holistic healing, don’t let negativity or fear prevent you any longer!

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