Happy sons day

Happy Sons Day: Celebrate National Son’s Day With a Bang!

Happy sons day

If you’re a father to a son–happy sons day this September, 28th! National son’s day is the time to celebrate being a son, fathering a son, or expecting a son. For the traditional folk, national son’s day reminds us to cherish each moment we have with our son’s – before they transition into manhood. And for the rest of us, it’s a day we show appreciation for them by over-showering them with love (and material gifts if lucky enough). This article will share with you how to have a happy sons day, and end it off with a bang:

National Son’s Day is on September 28th

Although there is no specific date in history to celebrate national son’s day, September 28th is a common date in the United States where people celebrate sons day. Everyone has a different meaning as to what happy sons day means for them – but primarily, national son’s day is the day where we give thanks and praise to our sons/parents of sons. It’s believed that happy son’s day was once only for males to celebrate and honor. But in this new-age era, both male and female are celebrated on this day, given some people’s unique circumstances.

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4 Ways to Celebrate Sons on Happy Sons Day


Have a happy sons day this September 28th by treating your son to some one-on-one treatment. If you’re unsure about how to celebrate national son’s day, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some ways you can give praise to your son this happy sons day:

1. Watch a sporting event together

With gender-identity aside, nothing screams manly like being able to enjoy a good sporting event together with your son. If there was a sport of particular interest to your son, that would be your best bet into getting them back into your good-books. Otherwise, watching a game over the telly at a pub or in the comfort of your own home might also do the trick.

2. Listen to a live musician 

A personal thanks to my father for this one, another way you can celebrate sons on happy sons day by taking them to listen to a live musician. Of course, depending on your country’s restrictions – this might not always be feasible. But if it is, however, we’d recommend a good jazz night or something that suits the pair of you.

3. Watch a movie together


For the fathers with little ones (or older ones, no judging here), nothing beats a good movie day together. Whether you go the full 180 and take him to the cinemas, or set up some home-made popcorn and sweets at home – you can never go wrong with a movie.

4. Make your child some fun toys

Making your child some fun toys to play with can be both fun, and might even win you the title of “coolest parent ever”. Go-karts, water guns, or bow and arrows are some of the first things that come to mind. But if you’re not exactly a whiz with your hands, like me, here are some other things you could make for your child:

  • Galaxy slime
  • Kite
  • Activity or toddler busy boards
  • Counting sticks
  • Paper pinwheel
  • DIY lava lamp
  • Craft planes

4 Ways to Celebrate Fathers on Happy Sons Day

Honoring your father on happy sons day might just be the special day he’s been waiting for. Here are some things you might ought to do for your dad this September 28th: 

1. Mow his lawns

Who doesn’t want their lawns mowed without asking? I know my father would appreciate coming home to his lawns being mowed for national son’s day. Why not whip out the lawnmower of yours and take action.

2. Taking his rubbish out


It’s the little things that count, which includes taking one for the team and emptying your father’s rubbish for him this happy sons day. You don’t exactly need muscles for this one either – just some determination!

3. Buying items for his tool shed

If you’re going to splash out on this happy sons day, why not pick up some extra utensils for his tool shed? MIJIA sells a timeless electric screwdriver – a fantastic addition to the tools collection. Other ideas might include organization boxes for his tools, stocking up on the looser items, or going big and upgrading his larger vehicles.

4. Book an intimate dinner together

Ditch the late-night meal preps for one night and book your father an intimate family dinner together for national sons day. Let him know how much you appreciate him and all that he’s done for the family – and end the night with a couple of glasses of champagne! 


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