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How to Throw a Goddess Party The Right Way!

goddess party
Goddess Party: The New-Age Norm

Have you ever heard about goddess parties? Well – a goddess party is an embracing event catered for women or feminine energy to unite and be their complete, divine-selves. A goddess party involves embracing sexuality, body-image, appearance, the soul, and everything divine about feminine energy. This article explains how you can throw a goddess party for your friends:

Create an invite list compiled of goddess friends


So, the most obvious first step is for you to compile a guest-list. This guest-list should include like-minded individuals, goddess-energy women who embrace others with open arms. Although there are no strict rules as to who can attend goddess parties or not – you should aim to have to empower women that naturally uplift others.

If you’re wanting a more intimate party, don’t feel bad about having to let a few of your close friends miss out on this one. Especially if you know they aren’t into the whole ”spirituality” thing. Forcing people, or placing unrealistic expectations for your friends to understand the essence behind a goddess party can leave you both in an uncomfortable position.

For this reason, try to stick to like-minded or open-minded individuals. Don’t shy away from inviting your spiritual pals – even if you know they’re introverted. And try to find balance with the energies attending your party. In other words, if 5 empaths are attending – it might be good to invite an extroverted soul to help balance and share different perspectives. (All whilst in a safe space to do so.)

Set the intention for your goddess party

A wonderful way you can kick into a positive mood for your goddess party is through intention setting. Spend some time thinking about the essence behind your soon-to-be party, and consider one primary goal you’d like everyone to take away from it.

Reasons to throw a goddess party


Whether you’re aiming to indulge in a bit of harmless spiritual social interaction or intend to host a like-minded party for your mutuals – think about it. 

Here are some reasons why you might want to throw a goddess party:

  • To celebrate something significant that has occurred in your life
  • As a surprise birthday gift
  • For the celebration of an engagement
  • As an excuse to get together with your gal-pals
  • For the purpose of raising your spiritual vibrations in a group setting
  • To have your friends meet some of your other spiritual friends
  • So you can gain a deeper perspective from other goddess energies
  • To help you in some way (spiritual well being, emotionally, physically)
  • For the purpose to share spiritual stories and help one another

Start planning

Now that you’ve created your invite list, and have set the intention, you can start planning! Although it can be overwhelming for some, this is our favorite part – as it’s fun to explore new ideas and plan (to the best of your ability) as to what will occur during your party. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, whip out the binder, and begin the brainstorming session.

Things to include in a goddess party

For your assistance, we’ve compiled some fun ideas that you may want to use for your goddess party. These include:

1. A group tarot card reading

If everyone in the room is comfortable enough, we encourage you to involve a group tarot card reading somewhere into your party. Not only will this ruminate extremely powerful energy for everyone attending, but if someone on your guest list does tarot – you could kindly ask them to host the space for everyone.

2. Group guided meditation


Another powerful exercise your goddess pals could engage in is a group guided meditation. There are plenty of goddess guided meditations online, like the one linked below – or you could ask everyone to participate by sharing short pieces throughout your meditation session.

3. Cooking a spiritual meal together

Instead of booking delivery pizza, or asking people to bring ready-made chips and dips – why not ask everyone to bring ingredients instead. Doing so can allow everyone to cook together, and co-create a delicious spiritual meal together. That includes fresh ingredients and the love from everyone who’s attended.

4. Have a spiritual-sharing session

A great way to open the bonds with new people, and make others feel connected, is by participating in a spiritual sharing session. You don’t necessarily need to have people speaking about healing hurtful things in their life – but asking if everyone could share their spiritual journey.

Ideas could be when everyone in the room spiritually awoke, what caused their awakening, and how their perspective in life shifted. You could also provide tissues, a bottle of wine, or plenty of make-wipes in case some heavy emotions do arise.

5. Plan more activities with one another


Something less heavy could be asking everyone if they’d like to spend more time together doing spiritual activities. Planning future get-togethers, maybe spending time in nature, or going to spiritual events are great ways to keep the connection alive.

6. Let your hair down – have a boogie

Dancing is a wonderful activity that can get spiritual energy moving through your body. Whether you’re in heels, slippers, or bare-feet: encourage everyone to let their hair down and start dancing. As goddesses, everyone accepts everyone for how they are. This activity allows everyone to feel that presence while having fun and being themselves!

7. Talk about sexuality

Startup an open conversation where people feel safe to embrace their sexuality, turn-ons, and turn-offs, and everything in-between. Have fun with it, play games, joke, laugh, and encourage everyone to feel safe and secure about what they say.

Remain present and have fun!

The final thing you can do to throw a goddess party the right way is to remain present and have fun! A goddess party is a magnificent event, and if you’re special enough to host one – you’re not only going to benefit your friends but yourself too.

So if things don’t go all as planned, if the DJ man doesn’t arrive on-time, or if you forgot to buy diet soda instead of regular soda, don’t sweat it!. A goddess party is all about enjoying each other’s company, having fun, and creating loving memories.

Avoid losing yourself in the “I should have”, “I could have”, or “why didn’t I”. Stay present, embrace everything, and you’ll never go wrong.


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