Fun Things to Do at Home

10 Fun Things to Do at Home (For Adults)

Fun Things to Do at Home
Fun Things to Do at Home

What if I told you that I could name at least 10 fun things to do at home? And yes, we’re referring to fun things that we adults can do. That’s right, in this article we’ll be sharing our top 10 fun things you can do at home when boredom strikes. Now let’s begin:

1. Time to reorganize

Whoever said reorganization isn’t fun, must have had a strict upbringing or is purely lazy! Number 1 on our “fun things to do at home” list is to re-organize… everything. Whoop whoop, that’s right people – we’re officially adults. And with that realization comes the fact that we need to keep things in order from time to time, ok.

Here is a list of different “fun” things/places you could reorganize at home:

  • Clothes / your closet
  • Kitchen
  • Shoe collection
  • Bedroom
  • Toilet
  • Office supplies
  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Old storage
  • Pictures/memoirs

2. Whip out the paintbrush


Did you know that you don’t need to be good at something to have fun? Crazy right! So why not whip out the paintbrush and start painting. Art is something I’m not necessarily good at, but thoroughly enjoy doing. When I finally pushed aside my need for perfection in 2019, it became apparent to me just how amazing painting can be.

Yes, painting is a fun activity to do at home, but it also has other benefits than serving as a distraction. For me, painting provides me a form of holistic healing. So apart from it being something I can when I’m feeling bored, painting also has become a part of my self-care routine.

3. Ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of online shopping

Personally, I feel that online shopping is a pretty fun thing to do at home. Especially if you have the means for it. So if you are lucky enough to be able to shop online – this is your sign to buy those meaningful items you’ve been procrastinating over. Whether it be some new chairs for the living room, a brand new jug, or whatever the occasion.

4. Netflix binge-watch


I am a proud supporter of Netflix binge-watching and find it to be an extremely fun activity to do at home. So long as you have your priorities in check first, then why not kick back and watch a good comedy or your favorite movie!

5. Read a good book with a glass of wine

Because we’re all adults here: I’d personally like to recommend to you one of my most fun activities that I do at home – read a good book with a glass of wine. Ahh yes, nothing screams adult-life like gazing your eyes on a well-written book, sitting outside soaking up the sun rays, and sipping on a glass of Moscato. (Or whatever wine you enjoy.)

And if you don’t drink or you’re trying to cut back on alcohol, that doesn’t mean this activity is out of the question for you. Simply pour yourself an icy-cold glass of lemon water, indulge in an iced coffee, or sip away at some orange juice.

6. Use this time to tend to your spiritual well being

Caring for your spiritual well being is just as fun as anything else to do at home. Plus it has plenty of benefits too. For those who aren’t aware, however, your spiritual well being is your all godly soul. This includes your physical body, mental state, and spiritual essence. 

Tending to your spiritual well being starts with observation. Observing what feels out of place for you (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and then caring for it – bit by bit. You can do this through spiritual practices, maintaining a good sense of health, and promoting positivity.

Here is a list of alternative fun things you can do to tend to your spiritual well being:

  • Meditate
  • Engage journalling
  • Staying grounded (being with nature)
  • Keep fit and active
  • Practise mindfulness

7. Book a zoom date with your friends

Looking for a break without leaving the house? Book a zoom date with your friends, organize a girls-night and chat to your heart’s content. Yes, nothing beats a one-on-one interaction – but given the current global circumstances, we should embrace this new normal  (in all aspects of your life.)

Whenever I’m feeling particularly bored, especially on a Friday night, I hop on facetime and call some of my good friends. Even the ones I haven’t seen in years. Whether that’s an introverted move, however, I’m not entirely sure. What do you say?

8. Plan a photoshoot

Ok, so this activity might not resonate with everyone. But for those who consider dressing up and taking shots (photography shots) as fun, then why not plan an in-home photoshoot? You could whip out your costume from that weird 2006 dress-up party you went to. Or go serious sally and do the full 180, meaning hair, makeup, and everything in-between.

9. Take an online cooking class


If there was another thing that I considered to scream adult-life, it would be taking an online cooking class. You don’t need to be an expert to have fun while doing an online cooking class. And you get to make something delicious (hopefully) at the end of it.

You could also spice things up a bit by taking a shot of your favorite alcohol before your class: something to take the edge off. So long as you’re able to function properly, that is.

10. Embrace your green fingers

Growing plants is a fun thing to do, not only for yourself but for the overall experience. If you haven’t embraced your green fingers yet, we recommend giving it a try. And if it makes you feel better, you don’t need to be perfect on your first go. (At least, I wasn’t.)


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