double rainbow meaning

4 Reasons Why You Are Seeing a Double Rainbow – Double Rainbow Meaning

double rainbow meaning

Did you just see a double rainbow? Trust that you were guided here to find out the spiritual meaning of a double rainbow, and why it’s showing up in your life at this time. The universe has a unique way to show us divine signs for our highest good. And a double rainbow can be viewed as a spiritual sign.

The general meaning of a double rainbow indicates new beginnings, on the road to truth, and embracing change. One rainbow signifies a bridge, which in literary context – serves to take you from one side to another. A double rainbow indicates a passage back and forth – if you choose to accept. When you observe a double rainbow from a spiritual perspective, the universe wants you to avoid resisting this passage and embrace it with an open mind.

When life presents you signs, take this knowledge as help from your spiritual team. Your higher-self, in conjunction with your spirit guides, is always guiding you. If you see a double rainbow, and sense that it’s a spiritual sign, then you’re most likely correct. You have the power within you to recognize these things and have the strength to take on the meaning of a double rainbow too.

1st Meaning of a Double Rainbow: New Beginnings Are Coming


The meaning of a double rainbow is a sign that a new beginning will begin to appear to you. Whether it’s in your personal life, relationships, career, or spiritual – a change is coming. With this new beginning, you might have control over the situation or you might not.

New beginnings don’t mean you need to be afraid. This is a positive new beginning, that will help you in your current situation, for your future-self. Remember, the power of the universe does everything for your highest-self. There’s no such thing as “bad intentions” from the spiritual realm.

Do what you can to prepare yourself for this upcoming new beginning, by observing your life and conclude what might be changing. If you are completely unsure, you can keep yourself in a positive state of mind by remaining happy.

2nd Meaning of a Double Rainbow: You’re On The Road to Truth

The meaning of a double rainbow indicates you have found yourself on the journey of truth. More so, given your compelling curiosity to read this article. The road to truth symbolizes growth, spiritual development, and living a life of purpose. You’ll be exposed to spiritual signs, like this one, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Being on a road of truth can indicate a spiritual awakening about to appear. Or you’ve already awoken, you should expect your soul to develop further. For example, opportunities for emotional growth is a common experience. Or a sudden interest in spiritual concepts- such as being an empath, shadow work, or sun gazing.

This can also be a sign that inner-truths will soon become present to you. Such as a certain feeling about a situation, a person, or a personal habit of yours. If you notice this, simply become aware of the sign – and notice whether it’s indicative of a necessary change required in your life.

3rd Meaning of a Double Rainbow: Embrace Upcoming Change


The meaning of a double rainbow requires you to embrace upcoming changes in your life. Examples of change will look different for everyone, but the values remain the same. In this instance, a double rainbow indicates a change for your soul to grow. You will be presented with an opportunity that promotes evolution, and although it might not be apparent “why” in the present, you’ll understand in the future. 

One of the best things you can do to embrace upcoming change is to keep a positive frame of mind. Do this by implementing holistic healing in your life, opening your mind to new possibilities, and taking action in your life.

Avoid unnecessary procrastination, as the longer you resist change- the more forceful life can become to get the point across. Accept anything that comes into your life, using the power of your essence to determine if it’s true for your soul or not. 

4th Meaning of a Double Rainbow: You Possess The Power to Decide

The meaning of a double rainbow indicates spiritual courage you hold within you, to make the “right” choices in life. Intuition plays a significant role in that, so embracing your inner-knowing can help you along that journey.

For example, when change is appearing in your life – and you have to make one decision from two choices. The universe encourages you to utilize your spiritual essence, and trust the choice that feels best for you. Resistance, despite what choice may be materialistically appealing – doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be better for you.

The important key to remember here is to utilize the power of your intuition to trust your choices. Do this by outweighing your options, sitting with yourself, and feel content that your sighting of a double rainbow has come to you at an appropriate time in your life.

Let go of the ego. Don’t decide something for the sole purpose of impressing others, or fueling a false reality. Take this opportunity to look within your personal life and see where you have two choices – with two very different options. Analyze this, and embrace the power of your essence.

What Should You Do Next When You See a Double Rainbow?

Use this opportunity to be with your thoughts, to self-reflect, and assess what areas in your life need to be more open to new opportunities. Change is inevitable sometimes, so the best thing we can do is keep an optimistic frame of mind.

Ask yourself questions such as, “what do I need to do with this information?”. “Where do I need to embrace more?”. “How can I help myself prepare for this change?”. Doing so will not only help your spiritual state but your mental state also – and avoid unnecessary anxiety that may arise from knowing the meaning of a double rainbow. 

At the crux of it all, a double rainbow remains a positive sign for you in your life. It symbolizes happiness, growth, courage, and embracement. And is not something you need to fear.


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