Discipline for Children

Discipline for Children: Inside The Mind of a Spiritual Mother

Discipline for Children
Discipline for Children

When it comes to discipline for children, I believe that conscious parenting has an influential significance. Even more so as I’ve spiritually awoken, I’m hyper-sensitive and completely aware of how I discipline my child and how it will mold him as an adult. 

To begin, conscious parenting plays a huge part in discipline for children. As a conscious parent, you’re aware of the influence you have on your children. Yes, one day your child will grow up, move out, and forge their own path in the world. But before that, you are the guide that your children mold their fundamental core systems around.

Now as a conscious parent, and aware of such influence, the way you choose to discipline your child comes from over-analyzing. There are various things you ought to consider before disciplining your child. You’re figuring out how to deal with the problem at hand, for example, if your toddler is hitting you. Then you’re trying to think about what action to take. And then you’re predicting how the actions you take will have a positive effect on your child.

It’s all a bit much sometimes and can carry a heavy weight on your shoulders, that’s if you’re an empath like me. But without a doubt, I believe that conscious parenting is the best thing you can do for yourself and your children. Not only does it allow you to rethink the effects of each action you might take or the words that you say to your child. But you’ll also know what works and doesn’t work from your own upbringing.

Smacking is never on the table

In my house and my family, I don’t discipline my child by using the smacking technique. Say what you like, but personally, I don’t see any benefits from smacking. I do, however, see plenty of negatives. Probably because I’ve gone through trauma with my parents — but also because being a conscious parent allows me to see a greater effect.

Here are some reasons why smacking is NEVER the right form of discipline for children:

  • Is a fear tactic
  • Lowers child sense of worth
  • Sets a poor example
  • Fixes the problem at the moment, but creates long-term issues
  • Builds anger
  • Doesn’t tackle the core problem
  • Is a lazy method to deal with your child

One thing after my spiritual awakening I didn’t want to repeat as a parent, was smacking my child because of my incapability to understand my child’s problem (speaking from experience here.) This leads me to my next tip:

Utilize your communication skills

My parents were born from a time where children were seen, not heard. This idea in itself formed a slippery slope for parenting – and was something I became adamant about not repeating with my child. If you want to discipline your child without causing them unnecessary trauma, try communicating with them. And I mean really communicate with them.

By communicating, I mean sit your child down and speak to them one on one. Lose the anger, and frustration that you’re feeling – and have a conversation with your child. Don’t be pessimistic, or use degrading words. And no, I do not mean to yell at your child. Use impactful words and implement repetition. 

Did you know that there are ways you can speak to your child, without simply yelling your head off at them? Crazy right! I encourage you to challenge yourself and find a way that this will work for you.

Remember your role before you discipline your children

Before you lay your hand on your child, or before you become completely emotionally unavailable –  don’t forget to remember your role as a parent. Personally, I see myself as a guide to my child. This means before I implement discipline, I remind myself that whatever I do – will impact them just as much as what I don’t do.

In conclusion

The way I choose to discipline my child comes from my spiritual nature, my awareness of life, and the values I’m trying to teach my son. I value plenty of communication, setting healthy boundaries, remembering my role as a parent, and I also utilize a few holistic healing methods from time to time. Overall, what’s important to me, is how I feel as a parent – and making sure my child is benefiting from my parenting.


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