What Skills Does a Content Writer Need

What Skills Does a Content Writer Need

What Skills Does a Content Writer Need

If you’re new to the digital game or interested in joining- you may have come across the term “content writer” once or twice. A content writer is one of the main components needed to produce successful unique content for your website. Learning the skills of a content writer can benefit you in many ways, even beyond this specialty.

As a content writer, you need the skill of creatively coming up with unique and trustworthy written content- primarily in the form of articles. Depending on your specific niche, an ideal content writer should have skills of research, time-management, SEO, good judgment, organization, meeting deadlines, and grammar checking/editing.

A good content writer can make any topic from any niche sound wicked- while continuing to provide valuable knowledge and adhering to client guidelines. If you’re a motivated, digital-savvy, and research-intrigued individual, there’s no doubt you already have some of the skills required for becoming a fantastic content writer.

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Content Writing Skills


As a content writer, you’re expected to produce exceptional content in the form of written articles.

Your client envisions these articles to reach thousands of people per day, which means that the content writer must ensure the information discussed in the article is valuable to the reader.

No matter what topic you’re writing on, content writers naturally have the skills to make words flow easily while still getting the point across.

Here is a list of different skills every content writer should have:

  1. Ability to research topics
  2. Timely and efficient (Can meet deadlines)
  3. Writing and Grammar skills
  4. Editing (Ideal)
  5. SEO knowledge
  6. Organized
  7. Fast typer
  8. Ability to think like the reader
  9. Good-judgment

Plagiarism, laziness, and rewording previous articles are a big NO-NO in the digital world. So as a content writer, make sure you steer far away from attempting any of those techniques. It won’t work.

Overall, becoming a content writer is much easier than people assume- but thriving in content writing is something only dedicated, focused, and hard-working people can achieve!

If you’d like to continue reading more about content writing, carry on scrolling. 

What Is The Job Description of a Content Writer?

A Content writer writes unique, intriguing, and knowledgeable digital-articles, based on a specific topic or niche. But beware, the job description of a content writer can vary significantly, depending on the client or company for whom you’re applying.

Content writers are expected to take a topic, like “What Skills Does a Content Writer Need?” for example, create a well-researched article to bring unique and valuable content to readers.

As a content writer, you’re expected to complete work on time, never plagiarise, discuss factual-information (never lie), and provide a service to readers. 


Is Content Writing a Hard Job?

Like all jobs, there’s both pro’s and con’s that vary from person to person. The content writing field is no different, meaning to some people; the job may appear harder than to others.

A great way to understand whether you’re finding your content writing job is too tricky is to compare it to previous experience.

Reasons why content writing may feel hard:

  • Is it the niche you’re in that’s making writing content hard?
  • Do you need to change your niche because you’re bored?
  • Have you realized you’re not creative enough to write unique articles, and find yourself “lazy-writing?”
  • Did you do enough research before becoming a content writer?

Many people believe content writing isn’t a hard job, which is likely why they’re more creative and novel individuals. People who find content writing hard might be overly strict with themselves, lazy-writers, or simply aren’t passionate enough.

How To Land a Content Writer Job

Landing yourself your first-ever content writer job can sound daunting and far-fetched, but believe me- it doesn’t take long before you receive a taste into this lifestyle and everything it has to offer.

Find below a list of ways you can land a content writer job:

  1. Create a blog and write articles on topics you’re passionate about. This can be used as writing samples when you pitch your services to clients and is a great way to familiarize yourself with creative content writing.
  2. Apply on freelance websites. Most freelance websites will ask for samples or previous examples, so in this case- have them prepared.
  3. Market yourself. Not literally. What I mean is to sell your services and everything you have to offer! Do this on forums, Facebook marketplace, and websites like Upwork.
  4. Practise. It would help if you practiced content writing whenever you get the chance. And if you’re looking to work in a particular field like Finance or Entertainment, read articles on that topic and practice the way they write.
  5. Network. Attending physical networking meetings is another efficient way to get the word out about your upcoming dream!
  6. Use manifestation techniques. I’m not afraid to admit that I actively used positive affirmations and other spiritual manifestation techniques to land my first gig.

What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing is a specialized field where content writers focus on writing articles for SEO. If you’re unsure what SEO is, however, let’s cover the basics first. Continue reading!


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (also referred to as SEO) is an extensive process used by many people/businesses to optimize their website.

How Does SEO Benefit Content Writing?

A content writer who understands and has proven experience in SEO can significantly benefit a business. They help because the content they write is written explicitly for optimization.

More positions are available in larger organizations for SEO content writers, which can serve as a significant benefit for freelancers looking to upskill their current expertise.

Understanding SEO can also improve your content writing brand, especially if you own a website or manage a team.

How Do I Write a Resume for Content Writing?

Following the basics of any well-written resume, make sure you include precision, accuracy, honesty, and creativity throughout.

Remember, as a content writer, your job is to make “reading” a fun, enjoyable, but knowledge experience.

Your pitch and resume/CV is a fantastic way to implement your skills accordingly!

The magical secret behind writing a resume designed for a content writer position; is remembering to list any experience you have with digital software.

Google docs, Microsoft Word, and other document tools are MUST-HAVE experience criteria.

Other things you’ll want to include in a content writing resume are:

  • Experience with previous clients/websites
  • Samples of your work (PDF, Published, and Raw Edits)
  • Experience in similar roles
  • Qualifications relevant to the niche or organization you’re applying with
  • A well-written, creative, 300 word summary about your career progression
  • An explanation of why you’re perfect for the position
  • Additional mandatory details: Name, Email, Fluency, Country of Residence, Rate per Word/Article

Content Writer Career Progression

When you develop the skills and experience to write creative content successfully, multiple opportunities will begin to appear.

Naturally, you’ll find that you’ve already developed great editing and proofreading skills to write hundreds of articles. Thus, over-time, this can lead to future editing or proof-reading positions shall the opportunity arise. Most hirers appreciate applications from people who have extensive experience in the writing field, as they know what mistakes to look out for.

Content writing can move you into SEO or development opportunities. With additional research and course-taking; this is one of the best moves you can make as a content writer and for career progression.


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