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Being Ghosted is a Blessing

Being Ghosted is a Blessing header

Ghosted. Millennials and Generation Z’s use this common term when referring to “someone who’s suddenly lost communication or contact with another individual; Typically a date, friend, or partner.” So when you think about being ghosted as a blessing, it can be hard to see it that way- especially if you get the short end of the stick. 

But being ghosted is a blessing, and here’s why! Spiritualists believe that when a person enters your life; They’re there to teach you something, or you’re there to teach them something. If you’ve recently been ghosted, think of it as a sign from the universe that you’ve fulfilled each other’s spiritual agendas, and the best thing to do now is move forward on a positive note. It’s a powerful concept because your soul wouldn’t want to keep anyone in your life for any longer than they need to be.

When you change how you perceive the outcome of being ghosted, you’ll begin to recognize just how much of a blessing it was. Because as people always say, “the end is always the beginning.” If you’d like to learn more about why being ghosted is a blessing, continue reading!

What Does It Mean To Be Ghosted?

Being ghosted means you’ve unexpectedly lost communication and contact to a particular individual with whom you were speaking with, for a reason unknown to you. Quite often, this is seen in younger generations. Being ghosted occurs more after a one-night stand, short-term dating, and even in friendships

Typically, there’s no formal communication as to why you’ve been ghosted and tends to happen suddenly (without time to process.) Being ghosted also refers to a sudden failure to get in contact with someone, despite past conversations. This is usually an indication that one has been ghosted (-you’ve been blocked, deleted, etc.)

What To Say To Someone Who Ghosted You?

If you happen to see or speak to someone who has previously ghosted you, figuring out the right words is crucial to a peaceful conversation. Depending on your emotions towards the situation, you’ll want to ensure you’ve begun the healing process before engaging in conversation.

Let’s say you have begun the healing process, and feel ready to speak to the person who ghosted you- here are some things to remember before speaking to them:

  • As much as you were hurt/upset/angry by their actions, you can not force someone to provide a truthful answer
  • Prepare for the proceeding answer after asking “why”
  • Take a deep breath 
  • Remember why your “being ghosted” experience was a blessing in disguise

When speaking to them, keep the conversation short and brief. Don’t throw yourself out there, and remain selective with your word choice.

If the person who ghosted you apologies, asks for forgiveness, and wants to come back into your life, thank them, and gracefully remove yourself from the situation (-to allow yourself to collect your thoughts and make a decision once your emotions have settled.)

Having begun the healing process, always seems to be easier to move on after being ghosted; because if a situation like this occurs, you’ll be both mentally and emotionally ready for the outcome.

What Do You Do When You Are Being Ghosted?

Being ghosted is like a heartbreak. No matter if you’ve been talking to someone for a week, a month, or for a year- it’s never easy to accept. Nevertheless, here are five essential things that you should do when being ghosted:

1. Reach Out To Them

If you haven’t done so already, reach out to them. And to be clear, this doesn’t mean you should blow up their phone, email, and socials. It means you should send one or two text messages, asking if they’re OK and if they need space.

2. Give Them Space

Let’s say they need space, or they haven’t responded to your reaching out for more than a few weeks- then the mature thing to do is automatically assume they need space. Reality is, everyone needs space- and there could be many reasons why they haven’t contacted you back yet.

3. Avoid Overthinking – Keep Yourself Busy

OVERTHINKING. Something that I believe everyone struggles with from time to time. Avoid dwelling on the “why’s, what-ifs, and how come’s.” Instead, use this time to keep yourself busy. Find a new passion, talk to old friends, invest in yourself! Don’t let the absence of someone else prevent you from living life.

4. Understand That People Need Breaks

PSA: People need breaks from time to time! They need mental health breaks; they need emotional breaks and physical breaks too. This means; avoiding regular communication or even physical activities is something which many people like to do from time to time- in order to keep themself functioning as a human being.


5. Accept The Possible Outcomes

The final thing you should do when you believe you’re being ghosted; Is prepare and accept whichever possible outcome occurs. This way, you can anticipate how you’ll react if the recipient decides to reach out again, or if they choose to move on. Although this can be difficult for many, it’s an essential part of moving forward and avoiding trauma.

Why Do I Keep Getting Ghosted?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why someone may choose to ghost you- including for it to happen on a regular occurrence. Depending on your belief system, behavior, and individual characteristics can influence the cause. 

For example: Reasons can vary from past karma; an uncomfortable urge for sudden disconnection (-coming from the recipient,) or lack of control/ability to speak up and address any issues.

We, humans, are interesting beings- sometimes possessing a lack of empathy or reason. If you find yourself continuously being ghosted, try thinking about commonalities between your communication with these previous individuals.

After sharing too much information did the ghosting then occur? Did it happen after physically interacting with one another? Or was it due to minimal effort?

No matter the reason, it’s always important to remember that you can not change other people and their reasoning behind WHY they ghosted youWhat you can change is your actions and future perspective on preventing such a situation from reoccurring.

Is Ghosting Childish?

Ghosting is childish behavior. It represents an individual who prefers to ignore a problem than to address it. Although circumstances vary; When you ghost somebody; you’re silently causing more hurt and confusion than you would by being honest and moving on from the relationship.

Can Ghosting Cause Trauma?

Sudden ghosting; Specifically in long-term friendships or relationships, can cause moderate trauma on an individual with low self-esteem or attachment issues. Avoid creating deep trauma by following these steps mentioned here. Alternatively, practicing self-love, positive affirmations, and engaging in positive activities can help you prevent worsened trauma.


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