at what age should you stop living with your parents

At What Age Should You Stop Living With Your Parents?

In western society, kids typically live with their parents until they become of adult age (18 years old.) Knowing the right age to move out of your parents house can be confusing. However, after 18, young adults tend to venture out with friends or partners- resorting to flatting or share-type accommodation. There are also several young millennials that continue living with parents, whether for financial reasons, security, or health and safety.

There is no “right or wrong” age for a person to stop living with their parents- so long as there is a mutual agreement set in place to ensure harmony. Societal norms should not influence your decision as to why you can or can not continue living with your parents. And it’s a good idea to consider cultural traditions, including your parent’s wishes, as such factors can affect the outcome of your living situation. 

It’s easy to judge ourselves or others about their choice to continue living at home (especially at adult age). Still, when we truly understand the circumstances of both parties- our beliefs may change. Continue reading to learn more about living with your parents, how long it’s acceptable, and so much more!


How Long is it Acceptable to Live With Your Parents?

Young millennials typically live with their parents until they reach legal age, but continuing to live with them throughout adulthood is acceptable also– especially when there is a reciprocal living arrangement between all parties.  

If you’re a student, a job-seeker, or have a young dependant; living with your parents is considered more “acceptable” than someone who’s working full-time. Young adults working full-time (or on a high-paid salary) are often looked down upon by their pairs for continuing to stay in their parent’s nest.

A great way to understand if your presence is still acceptable is by having an open conversation with them. Discuss your thoughts and feelings, and make an effort to listen to your parents’ thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Is it Shameful to Live With Your Parents?


Believing that living with your parents is “shameful” or not is simply a matter of opinion. It is worthy to note, however, that societal pressures and our human ego love to tell us that we can support ourselves without relying on parental support. 

This belief can make things difficult when we begin to question our pride, therefore we may sometimes feel like living with our parents is an embarrassing thing that should be shunned upon.  

Most young adolescents are not financially stable enough to move out of their parent’s home once they turn 18, or worse, find themselves needing to live with parents longer- especially if they’re studying or on a minimum-wage salary.

If you’re a young millennial currently living with parents, don’t feel ashamed. Think about the benefits of living with them, how much you’ll be saving, the support of company surrounding you, and so much more.


Why Do Adults Live With Parents?

There are various reasons adults continue to live with their parents- even when they’re over the age of 21. 

Reasons why adults may live with their parents, are:

  • They require mental support or have specific healthcare needs  
  • Financial challenges are hindering the ability to move out  
  • Sudden homelessness, breakup, or loss of employment
  • It’s more affordable (especially for students)
  • Adults who suffer a disability may have no choice but be confined to living with their parents for support
  • Some adults choose to remain at home with their parents for compassionate reasons

Understanding exactly why an adult continues to live with their parents will vary from person to person; therefore, it’s unfair to make a general statement about how certain people choose to live their lives.

Why Should You Stop Living With Your Parents?

Just because you may be of adult legal age, does not mean you should stop living with your parents- so long as everyone can agree to live together in harmony. 

Like in a flatting arrangement, everyone has a responsibility to show respect to one another. Sharing living costs, allowing each other’s personal space, and handling household chores collectively are generally to be expected. If you’re unable to maintain this requirement, you might be want to consider moving out.


If you’re working full-time and are financially stable- this might be a good indication that you should stop living with your parents and branch out into your own home. 

Some parents can be abusive, territorial, demanding, or manipulative- and quite frankly, are not pleasant to be around. If you have toxic parents that are detrimentally affecting your well-being, you should seek an alternative living arrangement and implement strategies for moving out.

Why Should You Keep Living With Your Parents?

Living with your parents, no matter what your age, doesn’t need to be a bad thing- in fact, the company of living with loving parents can be great for anyone’s soul.


If you’re trying to release the financial burden and save money, continuing to live with your parents can become extremely helpful through the use of sharing household expenses.

Continuing to live with your parents if you’re struggling emotionally or seek mental support, for the time being, is also a reason to stay.

Other reasons why one should keep living with parents:

  • They can provide emotional support and company
  • Discounted rent/utilities/expenses
  • You can spend more time with them (especially if they’re older or sick)
  • Comfortability 
  • You don’t need to worry about strangers/flatmates 24/7

What to Do When You Hate Living With Your Parents?


The best thing you can do when you hate living with your parents is to share your concern with them or someone that you trust– (friends, a professional, or additional family members.)

Reflect on what is causing the hate, and consider alternative solutions through brainstorming and perseverance. 

Write a list of different strategies for moving away to live elsewhere, such as changing your job, working a second job, and working in exchange for accommodation. Otherwise, reach out to trusted friends or relatives (if it is appropriate to do so) and see if they can provide short-term assistance.

How To Live Independently From Your Parents

If your parents are doing everything and paying everything for you, it’s time to step your game up! Living independently from your parents doesn’t need to be a challenge. Instead, you need to trust in your ability to manifest what you want to achieve.


To gain a sense of independence from your parents is through financial freedom. That means the primary tool you’ll need to acquire is a stable income.

Also; Ensuring you can maintain a consistent budget for future bills and priorities- is another step closer to independence.

By believing in yourself and not being afraid to try new ways of doing things; You will slowly begin to forage a path where you can live a life of independence- that you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember; There is no definite age where you should stop living with you parents, so don’t feel ashamed. But if it’s independency that you crave, don’t be afraid to branch out!


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