Are Pitbulls Good With Kids?

Are Pitbulls Good With Kids?

Are Pitbulls Good With Kids?

Pitbulls (Also referred to as Pit Bull) certainly isn’t the first choice of dog someone will choose to purchase when thinking about their children. The reason should be self-explanatory, but for those who don’t already know- generally Pitbulls are not good with kids. Not because they’re a naturally born aggressive breed, but because they lack the training to deter such behavior- therefore being a danger when exposed to kids.

So if you’re one of the many people wondering “are Pitbulls good with kids?”- the answer isn’t as simple as yes or no. Pitbulls have the potential to be extremely wonderful with kids, just like many other breeds. However, this depends entirely on the owner and how willing they’re able to go to tame and train their dog to become kid-friendly.

Owners who fail to socialize, tame, and train their dogs while young will find extreme difficulties incorporating a civil bond between Pitbulls and their kids. In most cases, a Pitbull that lacks such skills is considered dangerous when in the presence of children. Understanding this fact allows owners to decide whether a Pitbull is the right breed of dogs to bring into their homes, especially when around children.

Are Pitbulls Naturally Aggressive?


Aggression and emotion play a part in behavioural issues that lurk in many dog breeds, Pitbulls included. Naturally aggressive isn’t the correct term to use when discussing a Pitbull. Instead, they have aggression tendencies (if not adequately tamed.)

If an owner chooses to raise their dog with no proper boundaries, training, or implementation of skills- then the likelihood of aggression increases. And as we’ve seen in numerous child-pitbull dog attack cases, doing so is never any good.

It’s essential to keep in mind that not every Pitbull you’ll encounter is naturally aggressive. So long as their owner has enforced a firm yet loving upbringing regarding their behavior.

Why Are Pitbulls Good With Kids?

If an owner has rigorously trained, tamed, and socialized their Pitbull to be around children since the early puppy-stages, then this breed can be absolutely amazing when in the presence of little ones.

You’ll no longer be asking yourself “are Pitbulls good with kids,” but instead be asking whether your kids are good with Pitbulls! 

A trained Pitbull is exceptionally loyal, devoted, and caring. The love they develop for their family (-children included) is an unspoken bond us humans will never understand. When you do have a skilled Pitbull, they’ll protect your children from any sort of harm.

Watch this video to see Pitbull Dogs Showing Love To Babies and Toddlers:

Are Pitbulls Good With Kids? Training Pitbull to Like Kids


Training your dog to like your kids starts from the moment you bring them home. When possible, buying a puppy is always the better option– particularly if you’re thinking about owning a Pitbull. Here’s how you can train your pitbull to become toddler or kid friendly:

Buy a Young Pitbull

The reason why buying younger is better is because getting rid of bad behavior while they’re young is always easier than trying to remove bad behavior once they’ve reached adolescence/adulthood.

Young Pitbulls also know nothing other than your family, which helps them adapt to your kids and grow with them while their children also grow.


Your Pitbull needs to be socialized from the moment they’re pups. They need plenty of monitored interaction with your children and other dogs too. Socializing your dog helps them adapt to others’ presence and allows them to understand how to behave when surrounded by others.

Training and Taming


Training and taming your Pitbull provides them valuable skills for peaceful interactions with others, not only for your children. Spending time for 3 – 4 hours throughout each day, focusing on dog behavioral training, is a great way to teach them proper behavior and essential interaction skills.

Speak With Your Kids About Dog Dangers

In the process of training your dog to like kids, you need to teach your children the importance of how to respect dogs. Having a one-on-one with them about how they should behave around dogs, including the dangers if they don’t- can set firm boundaries about their future relationship with their pooch. Doing this can also help your dog feel more at ease when your children behave respectfully around them. (It should be a reciprocal connection.)

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Monitor The Progress, Play Your Part


As the owner and parent, you need to monitor the progress and play your part in the situation. You’re the teacher, and you need to show up for your student (aka- your big grizzly Pitbull.) Dedicate specific hours every day focusing on their behavior, socializing with your children in a monitored and safe environment.

Are Pitbulls Good With Kids: Things to Know

Pitbulls, when appropriately trained, are one of the best breeds of dogs to have around kids. Their loving nature, loyalty, and protective energy can make a truly beautiful body-guard for your children (when left alone while you pop down the road.) Here are some things you should know about Pitbulls and kids:

  • Pitbulls can become easily annoyed with you if treated improperly
  • If your kids attack your Pitbull, even playfully, you should immediately remove them from the room and let your dog know that they were right not to react
  • Your Pitbull will grow to be the guard of the house, which includes doing anything to protect his family and kids
  • Most Pitbulls do not enjoy children unless they’ve grown up with them as a puppy
  • A Pitbull can attack if they’ve experienced previous trauma (so beware of signs or sudden aggression)
  • Keep your Pitbull and young children at a safe distance, carefully monitoring their interaction for the first few years
  • Never leave your Pitbull alone with your children unless specific situations require

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