am i an empath

Am I An Empath? 12 Signs That You Are An Empath

am i an empath

Being an empath means you have acute sensitive awareness, often feeling or sensing things or people around you. Empathy is a gift that not many people have. If you’re exceedingly sensitive, can become easily overwhelmed, and appreciate aloneness – you’re probably an empath. But the signs don’t stop there. In this post, we describe 12 signs that might indicate whether you are an empath.

1. You can feel other people’s emotions

Have you ever noticed an awareness of being able to feel other people’s emotions? If yes, that’s because empaths are highly receptive to picking up other people’s emotional sensations. When you’re around an angry person, someone in complete despair, or become exposed to tubulous energetic vibrations: empaths can pick up what others feel. But these feelings can also be present with happy and uplifting energy.

Because empaths have a heightened awareness of their surroundings, remaining grounded and protected can provide benefit. This can be done through a good self-care routine, practicing grounding techniques, caring for your spiritual well being, and spending time to re-energize yourself.

The next time you are around something chaotic, observe how you begin to feel. If you recognize erratic feelings coming through, this is likely indicative of your ability to pick up what others are feeling and projecting. Take a deep breath, and let it go with love.

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2. You’re extremely sensitive

Extreme emotional sensitivity is a trait all empaths have. You might have been called overly sensitive or too emotional by your family or friends. However, those words come from people who don’t share this gift. 

Being extremely sensitive can feel exhausting: it’s as if you’re a ticking emotional bomb, uncertain about what emotions you might feel day by day. Other times, it can feel like your emotions go from extreme highs to as low-as-low. Mainly because you’re unaware of why you’re feeling how you feel.

If you’re extremely sensitive, you must make an effort to nurture yourself. Holistic healing practices are wonderful to find balance within, encourage your empath gift, and tend to your spiritual essence.

3. You’ve always felt different from others


Feeling different from other people is another sign that you’re likely an empath. You might have noticed that you never fit into society, you did things differently to others, or you were perceived as weird for being different. But being different is amazing. And so is your empath gift.

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4. Your preference for alone time is crucial

Most people don’t know how to be ok with being alone, but alone time is imperative for empaths to live a content life. Unlike most, who constantly need to be around others to feel happy – empaths prefer limited interaction. This isn’t because we’re trying to be snobs: we’re simply ok on our own.

This doesn’t mean that we feel a need to be alone all of the time, however. We are still humans that enjoy the company of others. But we do prefer to spend time with ourselves, to either stay grounded or re-energize ourselves.

5. You don’t gain energy in social settings

Unlike energy-vampiresempaths don’t gain energy in social settings but become quickly drained and exhausted if exposed to large amounts of people for too long. Because of an empath’s acute sensitivity to their surroundings, social settings can be anything but fun for an empath. 

Take, for example, shopping in a mall during the Christmas peak hours. As an empath, you might feel significantly exhausted just after 20 minutes of walking around the food court. This is because you’re taking on other people’s emotions, the good, bad, and the ugly. 

Other examples where an empath loses their energy is:

  • In dense environments (nightclubs or bars)
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting events
  • Airports
  • Festivals
  • Doctor’s office/hospital
  • College campuses/schools

6. You’re intuitive

Intuition is a gift that empaths carry, and if you aren’t already using it, we recommend utilizing this knowledge as soon as possible. Your intuition is what has provided you everything that you have now: your life experiences, all of your positive possessions, and everything else in-between.

Set the ego aside and listen to the real YOU. Only then is when your empathic gift can provide you benefits. The next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, using your intuition will guide you along the way. And remember, everything happens to you for a reason.

Your intuitive nature is a blessing that should be honored, not pushed aside. Although it can seem hard to really listen to yourself and tune out all self-doubt, it’ll always provide you the direction best aligned for your soul’s path.

7. You are oddly creative


Having a strange creativity streak within you is very much a gift that all empaths share. One of mine would be my ability to create inspirational writing. Although I’m not the best talker, I can definitely substitute that through my writing. When I’m doing things that I love and embracing my oddly creative nature, things feel complete.

Whatever the circumstances for you: painting, dancings, digital-space, or whatnot, embracing this creativity is something your empathetic nature desires. So we recommend you to take a chance – push aside what society might think and do what makes you happy.

8. You’ve likely suffered from depression or anxiety

As someone who was once challenged and healed from depression and anxiety, some empaths have experienced/or currently have various mental health disorders. Many reasons can cause an empath to suffer from such imbalances, but a common cause can be from a lack of internal boundaries. 

For example, empaths suffering from anxiety likely struggle to push past their sixth sense. This sixth sense includes feeling and reading what other people are saying or aren’t saying.

Upbringing, external factors, and one’s life experiences can also contribute to one’s depression and other imbalances. So it’s important for an empath to truly set boundaries within yourself and your life.

9. Being in nature provides you great wisdom

Being around trees provides wisdom, given their unique history and their presence on earth. As an empath, being in nature can regain your energy and lift you up to continue in life. Walking in nature – especially with your feet on the ground, is a wonderful technique that can be used to assist your empath gift. Going on bush walks, spending time under trees, or even resting at a park are other great ways you can assist yourself in an uplifting way. 

10. You’ve found it hard to be your true self

Whether you’ve gone through an awakening or not, most empaths have a difficult time to be their true and authentic self. Primarily, this stems from your inability to accept or understand your empathetic gifts, as well as society’s standards for how we, as humans, must be in society.

You might feel like you’ve had to hide who you really are, your beliefs, or your way of thinking because you’re afraid of what others will think. And given your extreme sensitivity, the feeling of being judged can make you uncomfortable.

Examples where this becomes extremely clear: is losing yourself in relationships, hiding your talents, lacking confidence at work or with your pairs, and so on. 

One of the most liberating ways an empath can thrive in society is being themselves. Don’t worry about expectations others have for you – so long as you live life as your authentic self, your gift can be embraced.

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11. Water brings you a significant benefit

It’s no secret that water raises your spiritual vibration – which is why as an empath, being in, nearby, or around water provides you a type of healing. Water is a link to the all-life source, and as an empath – you’ll feel its sense of peace that it provides.

A fantastic clearing technique for empaths is to sit near the water and be present. Listen to the noises, watch how it flows, and notice how it makes you feel. Many empaths feel an unknown drawing to the ocean or to water – both of which are extremely common.

12. You’re open-minded

Although you don’t enjoy confrontation, empaths are open-minded and are willing to internally challenge societal norms. What most people claim as controversial, such as cultural diversity, climate change, extreme minimalism, or even celebrating pride month at work – are prime examples of where openness doesn’t obstruct a rigid way of thinking.

Now embrace your empath!

You can believe me when I say being an empath is both amazing and difficult at the same time. It’s a gift that should be embraced and not hidden away at society’s expense. We recommend utilizing this gift of yours to find your true self and assist in the development of changing the world!


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