8 Popular Instagram Dogs You Need to Follow

8 Popular Instagram Dogs You Need to Follow

8 Popular Instagram Dogs You Need to Follow

We millennials aren’t the only ones flooding Instagram with our beach selfies- we’ve compiled a list of top 8 popular Instagram dogs you need to follow because they’re giving us a run for our money! (And hearts.)

1. Loki

With over 2 million Instagram followers, Loki is a dog of many talents. Apart from being gorgeous to look at, Loki has his own brand- Loki Naturals. Shop all things CBD Pet Products, such as tincture and treats!

2. Kler

All the way from the country of Mexico you’ll find this little pooch named Kler, with an impressive 1.8 million Instagram followers. Kler is an adventurous girl, who often puts our selfie-skills to shame. Oh, did we mention that she’s a sausage-dog! Even better.


3. Jiffpom

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Jiff is a Pomeranian pooch, dominating the dogs of Instagram with a whopping 10.6 million Instagram followers (and counting.) He has an established toy-line, was nominated for People’s Choice Awards, and won the Kids’ Choice Award for favorite Instagram pet. Jiff also has a second Instagram account with 88.8k followers called @jiffpomcutelife.

4. Maya The Samoyed

Maya (@mayapolarbear) is a 4-year-old Samoyed with over 1.9 million Instagram followers and 1.67 million youtube subscribers. She’s known for her cuddly personality and ability to captivate the audience through her hilarious skits throughout social media.


5. Doug The Pug

Doug the Pug is another popular Instagram dog who’s made a name for himself. With more than 4 million Instagram followers, he’s also maintaining an established brand with a current drop of Doug face masks being sold on his linktree. Doug has also been awarded “celebrity status,” and has won two awards- including having been nominated also.

6. Tuna 


Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart) is a chihuahua dachshund cross with a growing 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Many people know him for his “interesting appearance” and obvious overbite. However, that doesn’t stop people from engaging with him, making him another celebrity pooch.

7. Manny The Frenchie

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Manny is the world’s most-followed Bulldog, with over 1.1 million Instagram followers. This cute little guy has a published book called “Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness” and also has a 2020 calendar out now to purchase. 

8. Marutaro

Number eight on the list of the top 8 popular Instagram dogs you need to follow is Shinjiro Ono (@Marutaro) has 2.5 million Instagram followers and is a famous dog in Japan. Marutaro is a Shiba Inu, who has a personal brand and his own shop. You can purchase just about anything with Marutaro’s face on it, and believe me- we’re not mad about it!

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