4 Significant Ideas for Celebrating Pride Month at Work

4 Significant Ideas for Celebrating Pride Month at Work

4 Significant Ideas for Celebrating Pride Month at Work

Pride Month represents equality, freedom, and ongoing visibility of LGBTIQ rights. When celebrating Pride Month, particularly at work, you might feel confused regarding what’s appropriate to discuss within your workplace. But an important thing to remember is there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Pride Month. Find below four significant ideas for celebrating Pride Month at work that you can use to promote awareness- while remaining true to yourself:

1. Encourage a Colorful-Dress Up Day

You might be thinking to yourself, “how does a colorful-dress up day celebrate Pride Month”?

But if you focus your attention on the purpose behind the dress-up day, you’ll be encouraging others to jump on board the movement and express their inner-truth (something which Pride Month actively advocates.)

Spark discussions throughout your workplace to ensure co-workers dress as colorful as possible for the cause. Don’t feel scared to use bribing tactics (-of after-work drinks) to create further exhilaration.

2. Promote The Cause (Through Voice)


Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to express the happiness that Pride Month brings you.

Promote the movement by using your voice to discuss the benefits Pride Month can give others, and how regular discussion can impact the progression of society.

Some people genuinely don’t understand the struggles, unfair, and unjust treatment others receive for their sexual orientation. By raising awareness and promoting Pride Month through regular conversation; You’re not only informing others but bringing light to the current situation.

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3. Offer Your Shoulder of Support


Clearly engage with your work pairs, letting them know that you’re open to being a shoulder of support for everyone during Pride Month, particularly for individuals who identify as LGBTIQ.

Offering your shoulder of support is one of the best ideas for celebrating Pride Month at work, as it not only allows others to come to you with open arms- but it demonstrates your willingness to accept them for exactly how they are.

4. Set-up a Pride Month Shared-Lunch

When setting up a Pride Month shared lunch, clearly let your co-workers know the exact reason behind this lunch-date.

By doing this, you’re not only creating a conversation around the topic of Pride Month- but are inviting others to further their understanding through a fun shared-lunch. 

You can create flyers, spread them with your pairs, explain the benefits of Pride Month, and even include a “how to get involved” section.

During the shared-lunch, offer your support or avenues on how others can show their support- not only for the month of June but for the entire year-round.


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