15 Things to Do When Bored With Friends

15 Things to Do When Bored With Friends

15 Things to Do When Bored With Friends

Boredom can appear when you least expect it, and when it does hit, finding exciting entertainment can feel like a struggle. But it doesn’t need to remain that way. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of 15 things you can do when you’re feeling bored with friends. So start writing these down or better yet- bookmark this page, so you never forget!

1. Watch a New Movie

You can pass the time by watching a new movie online. Add in some yummy treats, popcorn, and cozy pajamas- and you have yourself a cinema at home!

2. Create a Funny Tik-Tok


Millennials can get into the Tik-Tok craze too, Ok! Why not whip out the camera, and start learning a funny Tik-Tok skit to impress your friends (-or younger family members.)

3. Baking- With a Twist

Why not challenge your best friend to a bake-off. Whoever creates the best looking (-or better tasting) cake/cookie/muffin wins $20. Loser takes a shot!

4. Wine Tasting


Who doesn’t enjoy a day out with the girls, drinking wine, and forgetting how old we’ve become. Why not book a group wine tasting session, for the reason of curiosity- not as an excuse to get drunk… Obviously.

5. Coffee Date

Have you explored your local cafe, or do you stick to places you’re familiar with? Why not head out the door and go on a coffee date at your local eatery!

6. Shopping Time

Everyone needs a bit of shopping-therapy, which means if you invite your bestie for some shopping time– I’m sure they’ll jump at that idea.

7. Try a New Hobby


How many opportunities do you get to try a new hobby, let alone with a friend! Take this opportunity while you’re bored with your friends to partake in something new. A musical instrument, dance-class, or painting is to name a few.

8. Go to The Museum

Number eight on the list of 15 things to do when bored with friends are going to the museum. Whether an art, science, or history museum- they can all be an exciting place to go and explore.

9. Book a Girls Trip


When was the last time you traveled with your friends? Why not site-see different cities or nearby regions which you haven’t been to before by booking a girls trip.

10. Eat at a New Restaurant

Find a new restaurant to eat at, expand your taste buds, and indulge in unfamiliar foods you wouldn’t otherwise try alone.

11. Go Car Racing

Go car racing because it’s fun for everyone. Strap on your converses and start a bet with your friends that whoever loses buys dinner!

12. Attend an Event


When the circumstances are safe, attending an event is a fun way to cure boredom when with friends. Whether it be a music event or something more private- this can help keep you entertained and having fun at the same time.

13. Have a Pamper Day

Who else wouldn’t want to have a full-on friendship pamper day? Book in with the waxing lady, attend your nail parlor, and don’t be late for the eyelash extension appointment because you want to be at your freshest by the end of it!

14. Picnic on The Beach

What better way to rejoice your friendship and keep yourself entertained by organizing a picnic on the beach. If you’re a city person, find your closest botanical gardens as an alternative.

15. Binge Watch YouTube Videos

If you’re not a Netflix/TV person, then why not binge watch a few of your favorite YouTube videos together. It can be classic music videos, comedy, or even beauty-related!


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