10 reasons why millennials are different header of two fans at a concert

10 Reasons Why Millennials Are Different

10 reasons why millennials are different header of two fans at a concert

Millennials, the forward-thinking generation that receives more slack than they should. Each generation has its positives, negatives, and slightly-weird traits- including Millennials. Still, instead of focusing on baby-boomers’ harsh comments, we should begin to embrace everything that makes us different and unique from other generations.

The reason why Millennials are different isn’t a simple answer. Instead, it’s made up of many causes, including their adaptability to change, embracing self-expression, career-driven mindsets, and digitally-savvy capabilities. But all of these are only some of the reasons that make them unique.


If there’s one honorable thing Millennials do, it’s the honest approach we take towards life. Millennials see things for how they currently are, and if old beliefs require changing- we’re more likely to be open to it. If you’d like to know the ten reasons why millennials are different, carry on reading!

1. They’re More Open to Change

When it comes to change; Whether it be in the workplace, individual characteristics, or regarding long-lasting belief systems– Millennials are more open and adaptable to change. The Millennial generation is unique in a way where they embrace the idea of change with open arms.


2. They’re Digitally Savvy

A survey conducted in The United States, 2019- conducted almost 100% of Millennials use the internet. In comparison to older generations, Millennials are exceptionally advanced with their digital-use, and without a doubt is being recognized for it. 

3. They’re Pushing For Entrepreneurship


Millennials aren’t good with complacency, especially if they come from working long, stressful hours at an office job. They’re continuously searching for financial freedom, which is the main reason behind the extra push for entrepreneurship. 

4. They’re Passionate For Human Rights 

In this day and age, it’s clear that societal issues and negative historical beliefs are being brought to light more often. Millennials are the gatekeepers at encouraging conversations around such matters, which stems from their utmost passion for human rights and equality.


5. They’re More Eco-Friendly

Love it or hate it, Millennials are both an eco-conscious and eco-friendly generation. With a deepened love and respect for planet earth, Millennials often feel that they have to protect it; however they can. They do this through alternative product consumerism (avoiding plastic, using reusable bags, etc.)

6. They’re More Resourceful


When it comes to resourcefulness, don’t underestimate a Millennials ability. In particular, Millennials are different in a way where they can easily overcome difficulties by merely using their creativity and imagination.

7. They’re Less Traditional

Millennials are definitely less traditional. Probably less than Generation Z, but certainly more than older generations. They tend to ditch out-dated beliefs and traditions and happily go off the beaten path to find “true happiness” for their souls.

8. They’re Passionate Explorers


In the article “How Do Young Millennials Spend Their Money,” we briefly mentioned that Millennials prefer to spend on experiences- and travel/exploration is undoubtedly one of them! Taking photos isn’t the only reason they love to explore; Meeting new cultures, understanding different ways to live, and embracing new countries are some of the few reasons that make them passionate explorers.

9. They’re Career Driven

Coming from a long history of money deprived generations, Millennials both respect and understand the importance of obtaining a decent career path. Millennials are not only focused on earning well for their future, but they feel a need to change history and inspire future generations. 


10. They’re Happy to Wait on Having Children

Given their less traditional, more open-minded, and career-driven mindset, it’s no surprise that Millennials are happy to push pause on having children. Millennials are less focused on “settling down and having children,” and instead focus on other priorities. Doing so ultimately allows them to remain happy to wait until they’re financially capable.


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