10 Popular Instagram Cats You Need To Follow

10 Popular Instagram Cats You Need To Follow

10 Popular Instagram Cats You Need To Follow

Who knew that our cherished fur-babies that we call cats, would become more popular on Instagram than ourselves (ugh… yes, you read that right.) The term “Instagram Cats” is a popular new-lingo used by Millennials; Referring to well-known cats that seem to be scaling the internet with their cute and bubbly social presence. To learn more about these top 10 popular Instagram cats that you NEED to follow, continue reading!

1. Nala Cat

Adopted from an animal shelter at 5 months old,  Nala Cat’s mommy created her Instagram account in 2012 to share her personal story of adoption. Now; Nala Cat has a growing fan-base of 4.3 Million Instagram followers, has her own brand of cat-food, and is a current Guinness World Record holder.

2. Suki Cat

Based in the city of Edmonton, Canada; Suki Cat has a whopping 1.9 Million Instagram followers and counting! In addition to cute travel pics, captivating green eyes, and a striking  pose on-the-go; Suki has a published book called “Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat.” (No… I am not jealous… of course not….)

3. Smoothie the Cat

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Pet me?

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Known as the “Queen of Fluff;” Smoothie the Cat is a golden colored British Longhair cat with over 2.2 Million Instagram Followers and 130 Thousand YouTube Subscribers. Rumors have it that this gorgeous pooch makes over 1 Million USD per year- and that’s at a minimum! (WOWZA.)


4. Grumpy Cat

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‪#MayTheFourth be awful. Always. ‬

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Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat on Instagram) is a well-known, loved, and as the name suggests; grumpy-looking cat that people just can’t seem to get enough of. Despite his angry-face appearance; Grumpy Cat has more than 2.6 Million Instagram followers, his own shop selling branded merchandise, and the official title for being #grumpycatforever.

5. Waffles The Cat

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Just an owl cat

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If the name “Waffles the Cat” couldn’t sound any cuter, wait until you see his Instagram account. With over 922 Thousand Instagram followers; Waffles is more than just a cute face that likes to dress up in costumes, he’s one of the top 10 influencers for Forbes! Waffles also has his own digital-store located on his website, and has plans to scale the world even further. 

6. Pudge The Cat

Pudge The Cat is one of the many popular Instagram Cats that seem to be taking over the internet! With her squishy flat-face, multi-colored coat, and 664 Thousand Instagram followers- she’s here to remind everyone that “her mustache is more fabulous than yours.” (Say it louder for the people in the back Pudge- Woop Woop)


7. Venus the Two Face Cat

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Happy Easter peeps! 🐣 🐇

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Venus the Two Face Cat is another one of the many popular American Instagram Cats found all  over social media. Venus is a Tortoiseshell Cat breed, who is commonly known for having two different colored faces (-half black and half red tabby.) Despite her physical differences; this doesn’t stop neither her nor her 2 Million Instagram followers from joining in on a laugh here and there. 

8. Coffee aka Mr. White

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Comment ❤️ below for a hug 🤗

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Coffee (also referred to as Mr. White and @white_coffee_cat) is a 5 year old, British shorthair, and cancer survivor pooch with more than 2 Million Instagram followers. His snow-like thick coat, big blue eyes, and loving personality makes it irresistible not to follow him online; therefore making him another one of the popular Instagram Cats of this century.


9. Smush

Smush (@smushofficial) is a gentle-souled cat with over 603 Thousand Instagram followers (and more.) After suffering numerous illnesses and life-threatening diseases; Smush was able to recover through the help of numerous kind people, and share her unique and wonderful story to “never give up” with others across the globe. Learn more about Smush here.

10. Pisco The Cat

Pisco (@pisco_cat) is one of the newest Instagram Cats brought to the list for his unique growing presence online with more than 454 Thousand Instagram followers, TikTok fans, and YouTube subscribers. As a golden British shorthair pooch, with big dark round eyes; it’s safe to say that Pisco is definitely a cutie in our books!


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